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Archive your Data

  • Offload NAS: Data such as photographs, video, medical records, scanned documents, court evidence, reports, experimental results and email messages do not change. Rather than fill expensive primary storage with this data, and then wasting time and media backing it up repeatedly, it is best offloaded onto a data archiving storage system where it will be better protected yet fully available to users and applications.
  • Compliance: General-purpose NAS does not always meet demands for corporate compliance or government regulatory compliance. Data archiving storage is more secure than NAS because all files stored on the system are fingerprinted, optionally encrypted, stored in WORM (write once read many times) format, and protected with a lifetime policy, all in a security-hardened storage system with built-in, multi-site key management and full audit logs.
  • Cloud: General-purpose NAS does not meet demands storing or sharing sensitive data in a cloud. Multi-tenancy storage that allows a cloud storage provider to service several customers securely. more

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