Sunstar Company, Inc.


Archive – solving problems

  • Data storage is too expensive and exceeds current budget
  • Fixed content is still being backed up
  • Archival data requires online file access
  • Unstructured data management is too complex
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) – second copy and/or off-site copy, compliance/regulatory requirements

 The Solution

  • StrongBox is a NAS appliance designed for unstructured data
  • StrongBox is primary storage with built-in data protection or an active archive that maximizes ROI
  •           Storage Mode: Online/Near-line – Data is online and available, always protected on tape, no 3rd party applications or backup required
  •           Archive Mode: Disk performance with the economics of tape; data is protected and always accessible
  • StrongBox’s intelligent storage management delivers performance while balancing storage costs to ensure the maximum ROI
  • Supports any external SAS/FC disk for expanded capacity
  • Supports all major library vendors (LTO 5/6 and plus IBM 1140/1150 drives)
  • Non-proprietary: tapes can be read with any LTFS-ready drive, no vendor lock-in

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