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IBM 3590 B11, E11 and H11

IBM 3590 Model B11 / E11 / H11



The IBM 3590 models B1A, E1A, and H1A (no loader) are designed for automated tape libraries, including the IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Automated Tape Library 3494, IBM TotalStorage Virtual Tape Server, and StorageTek Silos. A 3494 with the 3590 E1A drive capacity is up to 1,122TB*

High performance tape drives for automated tape libraries

Designed for use in the 3494 Tape Library, Virtual Tape Server and other automated tape libraries for up to 150GB per hour of compressed backup per tape drive

Two tape drive models to choose from for automation providing capacity and performance options

  • Model B1A supports up to 20GB per cartridge and 9MB/second data rate uncompressed.
  • Model E1A supports up to 40GB per cartridge and 14MB/second data rate uncompressed.
  • Model H1A supports up to 60GB per cartridge and 14MB/second data rate uncompressed

The 3590 models B11, E11, and H11 (loader)are rack-mounted tape drives with an Automatic Cartridge Facility (ACF).

The 10 cartridge ACF allows the drives  to be used as a mini-library with access up to 1.8TB* of data.

The 3590 B11/ E11/H11 can be converted to a B1A / E1A/H11 for use in a fully automated library system

Mini – library support for distributed stand alone server environments

10 slot cartridge auto loader for sequential or random access to up to 1.8TB of compressed data

These 3590 tape drives are no longer manufactured. These reconditioned drives are available in a number of formats from us here at Sunstar Company.

All drives ship with warranty.

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