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Backup offerings

Backup is usually a routine part of the operation of large businesses, the retrieval of files backed up is called restore. Backup to disk, tape, other media or cloud.

The process of copying files or databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. 

  • Unitrends : Fast, reliable back up and restoration of files and folders. All Unitrends appliances use disk-to-disk technology to provide greater speed and reliability than tape-based systems.
  • SpectraLogic : Large-scale, long-term storage and archive solutions utilizing automated tape libraries and disk systems will protect your data efficiently and securely.
  • Overland Storage : Long term backup and archiving solutions; tape libraries and VTL offerings.
  • Oracle – StorageTek : Oracle’s proven StorageTek tape and library solutions help you manage complexity, control costs, and deliver on service-level agreements
  • IBM : The IBM portfolio includes tape drives and libraries that take advantage of LTF along with numerous disk solutions.
  • Duracell Cloud Storage: Unlimted backup to the cloud. Duracell cost can cost less than cloud services that offer just a fraction of our 3 in 1 cloud service.

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