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March 2015

Unitrends, a leader in enterprise-level cloud recovery, today announced that its Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite™ (UCRS) was named a silver winner in the “Backup and Disaster Recovery Software and Services” category in the Storage magazine/ 2014 Products of the Year awards.

“We are honored that Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite was chosen for this prestigious award from and Storage Magazine,” said Kevin Weiss, president and CEO, Unitrends. “We strive to provide uniquely simple, cloud-empowered solutions that increase IT confidence, and given the advancements that we intend to deliver in 2015, we believe that this award is only the beginning.”

UCRS was chosen based on the following criteria: innovation, performance, ease of integration into existing environments, ease of use and manageability, functionality and value. Judged by the Storage magazine/ editorial staff – in conjunction with a team of users, industry experts, analysts and consultants – these awards focus specifically on new and upgraded products shipped between October 2013 and October 2014.

Key features of UCRS include:

  • Application-aware hypervisor-level protection of VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Citrix XenServer
  • Virtual and physical protection of more than 100 servers, storage, operating systems, and application versions
  • Certified application recovery for VMware and Hyper-V with automated failover, failback, testing, and RPO/RTO enforcement
  • Unified backup, dissimilar bare metal (P2P, P2V, V2P, V2V), archiving, instant recovery, and replication capabilities

Unitrends offers:

  1. Cost Effective Capacity-Based Model & Simple Pricing – No hidden fees and no-limits appliance licensing coupled with flexible UEB software licensing models
  2. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership through a broad and cost effective family of all-in-one appliances
  3. 12 Granular Physical Appliances Supporting 0.4TB – 50TB Maximum Backup
  4. Instant Recovery: Physical On- and Off-Host Plus Unitrends Enterprise Backup 7.3 on/off on replication target as well
  5. Unlimited Integrated Cloud – Storage and Replication to Private/Unitrends Public Cloud
  6. Integrated Archiving: disk, tape, NAS, SAN – Rotational or Fixed
  • Ninty- Eight percent customer satisfaction rating
  • Unlimited cloud
  • Hardware/software solutions for physical, virtual and cloud IT environments
  • Not top forget, the Unitrends 100% capacity guarantee

Currently Unitrends is extending a “Special Offer to Symantec Backup Exec Customers” interested to switch to Unitrends.

To learn more about this promotion and Unitrends hardware and software offerings, please call Sunstar Company (800) 663-5523 or contact us online.

At some point in time a backup solution will be deployed in all organizations. Sure there is a wide choice of offerings and we are not just talking about disk or tape.  For the most part a number of vendors are required for a backup solution to be deployed.

More likely both software and hardware will be required. This works but what we at Sunstar have learned over the years that in time, more challenges arise. Operating Systems get updated or changed, hardware is replaced and then there is the added headache that support must be available from both the software and hardware vendor.

It is for these reasons that many of our clients have opted to an “all in one” solution.  Unitrends is one of our “go to vendors” when a client will best be suited by an all in solution.

  • Unitrends delivers award-winning business recovery solutions for any IT environment.
  • The company’s portfolio of virtual, physical, and cloud solutions provides adaptive protection for organizations globally.
  • To address the complexities facing today’s modern data center, Unitrends delivers end-to-end protection and instant recovery of all virtual and physical assets as well as automated disaster recovery testing built for virtualization.
  • Unitrends’ offerings are backed by a customer support team that consistently achieves a 98 percent satisfaction rating.

Contact us at (800) 663-5523 for assistance, we will size the appropriate solution for your company.

Recovery-Series family features include:

  • All-in-one integrated appliance models with AES-NI hardware encryption, scaling from 1TB to 97TB of raw storage, 8GB to 256GB memory, and 2 to 16 CPU cores.
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)—1st integrated appliance (1U and larger) to include variable sized solid-state drives (SSDs) as a 2nd-layer read cache. As more backups are processed and replicated, data is cached in SSD cache, speeding up read requests and increasing data I/O.
  • Recovery assurance including the industry’s only Windows VM and physical server instant recovery capability coupled with hypervisor-level instant recovery and auditing via the ReliableDR add-on.
  • Virtualization, deep virtualization, physical, and unified compute protection for over 100 versions of applications, operating systems, servers, and storage.
  • Unitrends Bridge Convert physical systems to virtual systems, vSphere or Hyper-V, in a single click to external virtualization hosts.
  • Unified Bare Metal One-pass dissimilar bare metal capability that performs both bare metal as well as granular file-level backup.
  • NDMP Backup and NAS Backup Optional NDMP NAS Protection provides enhanced storage integration for EMC and NetApp NAS devices with simplified backup management, improved performance, while maintaining access control lists (ACLs) on recovered files.
  • Cloud-empowered disaster recovery and business continuity your way—via ourUnitrends Cloud which offers No Limits Cloud storage with strict RTO SLAs and DRaaSfor Windows and VMware. But we don’t lock you in—we offer cloud disaster recovery even via third-party cloud solutions with our CloudHook functionality supporting Amazon, Google, Dropbox and many more.
  • Granular disaster recovery via local archiving—D2D2x (Disk-to-Disk-to-Any) including rotational disk, rotational tape, fixed SAN, and fixed NAS—so that you can build WAN bandwidth-saving disaster recovery and business continuity policies.
  • Our Pledge free hardware forever policy included with any 3 or 5 year support plan.
  • Predictive analytics that monitors and predicts hardware and software failures before they occur.

Right-size your appliance to fit your exact business needs, from the remote office to the enterprise. Choose from a granular family of Recovery-Series appliances that easily scale up and scale out as your business grows.

Raw Capacity (TB)
Backup Capacity (TB)
U Height

What is Unified Storage?

Often we at Sunstar Company are asked by prospective clients questions such as, “can you tell me the difference between SAN, NAS and Unified Storage?”

A simple explanation about Block and File Storage and the different connectivity options often suffice.

The looming questions, what about unified?”

Unified Storage is a storage system that makes it possible to run and manage files and applications from a single device.

Also unified storage system consolidates file-based and block-based access in a single storage platform.

Connectivity: Ideally Fibre Channel SAN, Ethernet and IP-based SAN (iSCSI) is supported. .

End Result: Block and File Storage, SAN and NAS in a single chassis.

To learn more and see some of the manufacturers that we recommend when you have a need for Unified Storage, please visit our Web Site at

or call (310) 330-2900  (800) 663-5523

Sunstar Company’s Web Site Has Been Refreshed!

Today we added additional content for our customers that have a need for additional hardware and or software that traditionally would be purchased at a higher cost.


Sometimes there is no need to engage with your Sunstar representative when you know exactly what you want and your cost is displayed immediately.

Simply, find what you need, add the item(s) to the shopping cart and in no time you will receive an email stating that your purchase order has shipped!

This go-to source for our customers should save time and certainly dollars for all our clients.

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Connected Data set out to create a better and simpler way for consumers, professionals, and small businesses to share, access, and protect their data.

A solution that would make sharing with others, no matter where they are located and as simple as accessing files on a computer or mobile device.

Many of us have used DropBox. The problem – DropBox is a Public Cloud. Many of our client require a Private Cloud:

Connected Data’s Transporter is designed to leverage your existing infrastructure and put you back in total control of your data.

Transporters can be placed in secure locations giving you control over where your data is stored. Data is automatically synced across your Transporters allowing you to also control the level of redundancy to ensure continued operations in any situation.

For Business        For Groups

To learn more about the Transporter please call (800) 663-5523



Unitrends Logo

Unitrends Unveils Next-Generation Physical Backup and Recovery Appliances with Tiered Flash Storage

BURLINGTON, Mass., Jan. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Unitrends today unveiled the next generation of its Recovery-Series family of purpose-built backup appliances (PBBAs). With its new portfolio, which includes 11 models that scale from 1 terabyte (TB) to 97 TB of raw storage, Unitrends sets a new standard in backup and recovery performance with tiered flash storage and makes cloud adoption much more affordable for companies of all sizes.

Tiered Flash Storage Boosts Performance
With the release of the next-generation Recovery-Series family, Unitrends becomes the data protection industry’s price/performance leader. The company is bringing the value of flash storage, at new unprecedented price points, to its Recovery-Series appliances ranging from 1U and above. Tiered flash storage delivers improved backup performance, faster restore and disaster recovery processes, and greater scalability and flexibility. Additionally, customers now have the ability to implement policies around flash cache usage to optimize performance as data grows and prevent performance degradation, even as appliances age.

In addition to tiered flash storage, Unitrends has made a number of product enhancements that drive superior performance, including upgrades to the hardware’s central processing unit (CPU), advancements in its memory and RAID, and improvements in compression capabilities. The result is unrivaled backup and disaster recovery performance both locally and in the cloud, including:

  • A 300 percent improvement in backup processing time
  • A 300 percent improvement in recovery point objectives (RPOs)
  • A 125 percent improvement in recovery time objectives (RTOs)
  • A 200 percent improvement in local archiving

The Unitrends Recovery-Series family now caters to organizations of all sizes – from small businesses and remote office/branch office (ROBO) locations to large enterprises. The product line features three new low-cost physical appliances for small businesses and two new 3U form factor appliances, along with a 4U model, for enterprises with high-volume storage needs. Small businesses with a modest IT budget can purchase the Recovery-201 desktop appliance, which is priced at approximately $1,200, or the Recovery-602 or Recovery-603 1U half-height rack appliances, which start around $4,000. Companies with large storage requirements can choose from two new 3U appliances – the Recovery-933S, which includes 37 TB of raw storage, or the Recovery-936S, featuring 73 TB of raw storage – or the 4U 943S appliance with 97 TB of raw storage.

Additionally, Unitrends is making hybrid cloud adoption more affordable than ever by offering its No Limits Cloud™ service to Recovery-Series customers at price points suitable for entry-level companies. The No Limits Cloud replication service, along with the company’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering, comprise the Unitrends Cloud, which is augmented with Recovery Assurance for vSphere™ and Hyper-V® environments.

Unitrends next-generation Recovery-Series appliances are available now and can be purchased from Sunstar Company, Inc.

Imation’s Nexsan portfolio features solid-state optimized unified hybrid storage systems, secure automated archive solutions and high-density enterprise storage arrays.

Nexsan solutions are ideal for mission-critical IT applications such as virtualization, cloud, databases, and collaboration; and energy efficient, high-density storage for backup and archiving

By Application

Data Protection
Protecting your company’s data is as important to Imation as it is to you. We partner with top vendors from around the world to develop all-encompassing, enterprise-class data protection solutions to help your organization efficiently protect, archive and recover data.

Imation solutions accelerate efficient data protection in virtualized environments by partnering up with leading virtualization vendors and offering high-capacity, high-performance, enterprise class storage systems that are ideal for virtualized environments.

Imation solutions protect and store files for long-term retention while reducing the size and cost of primary storage and the complexity of backups. Stringent data integrity features like file-fingerprinting ensure the file you save is the file you will retrieve, time after time.

By Industry

Managing and securing massive amounts of sensitive patient data presents a unique challenge to healthcare IT. Imation offers innovative solutions that secure, protect and recover crucial healthcare data.

Media & Entertainment
Successful Media & Entertainment production starts with reliable access to digital data throughout the workflow process. But it doesn’t end there. To stay competitive, your company needs the high-density, flexible storage that Imation excels in: cost-effective, efficient, fast.

Digital Video Surveillance Storage (DVS)
Increased surveillance doesn’t have to mean higher cost. Provide more peace of mind for less with Digital Video Surveillance solutions from Imation: performance, capacity and efficiency that can scale with your needs.

By Technology

Increasingly popular for both primary storage and scalable backup protection, NAS solutions from Imation deliver scalable, cost-effective, and manageable storage that handles your organization’s ever-growing unstructured data requirements.

Imation’s Nexsan® SAN storage arrays provide scalable storage and hybrid systems that scale in capacity and performance. Get enterprise-class reliability, performance and high-density for traditional and virtual environments; achieve efficiency in data protection and archiving.

Hybrid storage solutions from Imation are efficient, flexible and intelligent. NST®, with FASTier® scalable caching technologies, lets you meet your organization’s demand for additional applications while freeing you from the task of planning capacity and performance.

To learn more about Nexsan and their offerings (SAN, NAS, Unified, Cloud and archive) and solutions, please contact us: Online or (800) 663-5523

Ensuring continuity is an important consideration for maintaining a healthy and prosperous business. If recovery is ever required by your organization, you would  expect a simple, fast, and ultra-reliable data disaster recovery solutions. more

The process, policies and procedures that are related to preparing for recovery or continuation of technology infrastructure which are vital to an organization after a natural or human-induced disaster.  Disaster recovery focuses on the IT or technology systems that support business functions, as opposed to business continuity, which involves planning for keeping all aspects of a business functioning in the midst of disruptive events.

Prior to selecting a disaster recovery strategy, a disaster recovery planner first refers to their organization’s business continuity plan which should indicate the key metrics of recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) for various business processes. 

  • Unitrends Recovery Appliance : BareMetal data protection: BareMetal is a technology designed to dramatically decrease the time and effort required to restore a computer to its original state in the event of a system failure.  BareMetal protects not only the typical files and data of the user but also the operating system and applications.
  • Nexsan Assureon: Two copies of all files, along with their fingerprints, are stored on separate RAID disk sets. Two Assureon systems can be replicated to each other to protect against a site failure. Files are continually verified against their fingerprint, automatically repaired by their copies, and safeguarded by RAID disk arrays to ensure the utmost file protection and integrity. Native active/active replication protects against site disasters with automatic failover, while delivering increased performance over active/passive systems.
  • Nimble Storage systems can efficiently replicate volumes to another array at a recovery site by transferring changed blocks of compressed snapshot data without additional hardware or software licenses. This means disaster recovery is fast, affordable, and easy to manage. Nimble Storage InfoSight not only helps you make sure that replication is operating as expected across sites, but also helps you plan for replication bandwidth as well.
  • Nexsan NST series, there is no performance penalty for taking snapshots. Up to 2048 snapshots are supported. Storage does not need to be reserved to hold snapshot data. The management GUI makes it easy to setup and manage snapshot creation and deletion schedules. Snapshots are mountable for testing or other purposes. Granularity is per pool, per share, or LUN.
  • Spectra Logic : Spectra Logic’s large-scale, long-term storage and archive solutions utilizing automated tape libraries and disk systems will protect your data efficiently and securely.

In many cases, an organization may elect to use an outsourced disaster recovery provider to provide a stand-by site and systems rather than using their own remote facilities, increasingly via cloud computing.

  • Some of the most common strategies for data protection include:
  • backups made to tape and sent off-site at regular intervals
  • backups made to disk on-site and automatically copied to off-site disk, or made directly to off-site disk
  • replication of data to an off-site location, which overcomes the need to restore the data (only the systems then need to be restored or synchronized), often making use of storage area network (SAN) technology
  • Hybrid Cloud solutions that replicate both on-site and to off-site data centers. These solutions provide the ability to instantly fail-over to local on-site hardware, but in the event of a physical disaster, servers can be brought up in the cloud data centers as well. 
  • the use of high availability systems which keep both the data and system replicated off-site, enabling continuous access to systems and data, even after a disaster 

To learn more about the different Disaster Recovery Solutions are available to you, please contact sales @ Sunstar Company, Inc. (800) 663-5523

Sunstar Company, Inc is pleased to offer our client Unitrends Cloud.

Unitrends Cloud is a disaster recovery and business continuity offering that takes the capabilities of our Recovery-Series and our Unitrends Enterprise Backup backup products and enhances them with our cloud capabilities.

It means that you get the recovery and recovery assurance technologies you’ve come to expect from our appliances—including granular archiving,

Windows physical and guest operating system (GOS) level instant recovery and recovery assurance via auditing, and virtual hypervisor instant recovery and recovery assurance via Recovery Assurance for vSphere—and then empowers your appliance with these capabilities and more in our Unitrends Cloud.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with no second site capital expense and simplified pricing (based on the size of the on-premise appliance) maximizes your budget dollars.
  • Drives lower energy consumption by eliminating large server rooms, saving power consumption and energy cost at your site. Lower carbon footprint and energy consumption helps companies meet green IT initiatives.
  • Advanced WAN Optimization (WO) with variable block source deduplication for highly effective use of available WAN bandwidth.
  • Integrated local archiving with replication for granular protection and WAN optimization.
  • Configurable security options with AES-256 encryption capabilities for data in-flight and at-rest.
  • Superior ease of use with integrated granular archiving and Unitrends Cloud offerings integrated into our single-pane-of-glass for management and monitoring.
  • Rapid deployment in a matter of minutes with the same replication and archive wizards as Recovery-Series and Unitrends Enterprise Backup on premise appliances.
  • Our award-winning crazy-committed customer support who leads the industry with 98% customer satisfaction.

Metered Cloud
Our Metered Cloud storage service offers the following features

  • Metered cloud storage is available in 250 gigabyte increments.
  • Metered storage is provisioned dynamically based upon customer demand.

No Limits Cloud
Our No Limits Cloud offering provides all of the features of our Metered storage service and in addition offers the following features

  • Our affordable cloud storage service on a per gigabyte basis.
  • Dynamically scales to the capacity of your on premise Recovery-Series or Unitrends Enterprise Backup appliance.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Cloud
Our DRaaS offering provides all of the features of our No Limits Cloud storage service and in addition offers the following features

  • Spin-up of VMware environments.
  • Spin-up of physical and GOS (Guest Operating System)-level Windows.
  • Our managed DRaaS white glove service means that Unitrends disaster recovery experts to help you recover your IT infrastructure and provide business continuity in the event of disaster.
  • Recovery assurance via optional ReliableDR automated orchestration

To learn more call (800) 663-5523



  • .

Nimble Logo

Nimble Storage’s Adaptive Flash platform is the first storage solution to eliminate the flash performance and capacity tradeoff.

The Adaptive Flash platform is based on Nimble’sCASL™ architecture, and InfoSight™, the company’s data sciences-based approach to the storage lifecycle.

  • Flexible scaling of storage resources to satisfy the changing demands of business-critical applications
  • Five times greater performance and capacity density than legacy storage systems
  • Up to a 75% reduction in data footprint, and a 10x reduction in datacenter rack space
  • Non-disruptive and independent scaling of performance and capacity, within a single array or a cluster
  • As many as 90 days of hourly snapshots on a single array
  • WAN-efficient replication of snapshot data for disaster recovery
  • Peak storage health driven by powerful data sciences
  • Greater than five nines system uptime

Nimble Storage solutions are built on its patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL™) architecture. CASL leverages the unique properties of flash and disk to deliver high performance and capacity – all within a dramatically small footprint.

CASL and InfoSight™ form the foundation of the Adaptive Flash platform, which allows for the dynamic and intelligent deployment of storage resources to meet the growing demands of business-critical applications.

Key Innovations from CASL

  • Flexible Flash Scaling 
    Flexibly scale flash to satisfy the changing performance demands of today’s business-critical applications.
  • Dynamic Flash-Based Read Caching 
    CASL caches “hot” active data onto SSD in real time—without the need to set complex policies. This way it can instantly respond to read requests—as much as 10X faster than traditional bolt-on or tiered approach to flash.
  • Write-Optimized Data Layout: 
    CASL collects or coalesces random writes, compresses them, and writes them sequentially to disks. This results in write operations that are as much as 100x faster than traditional disk-based storage.
  • Inline Compression 
    CASL compresses data as it is written to the array with no performance impact. It takes advantage of efficient variable block compression and multicore processors. A recent measurement of our installed base shows average compression rates from 30 to 75 percent for a variety of workloads.
  • Scale-to-Fit Flexibility 
    CASL allows for the non-disruptive and independent scaling of performance and capacity. This is accomplished by either upgrading the storage controller (compute) for higher throughput, moving to larger flash SSD (cache) to accommodate more active data, or by adding storage shelves to boost capacity. This flexible scaling eliminates the need for disruptive forklift upgrades.
  • Scale Out 
    Scale capacity and performance beyond the physical limitations of a single array by seamlessly clustering any combination of Nimble Storage hybrid arrays. Eliminate capacity silos and performance hotspots, and easily manage all hardware resources across the cluster as a single storage entity.
  • Snapshots and Integrated Data Protection 
    CASL can take thousands of point-in-time instant snapshots of volumes by creating a copy of the volumes’ indices. Any updates to existing data or new data written to a volume are redirected to free space (optimized by CASL’s unique data layout). This means there is no performance impact due to snapshots and snapshots take little incremental space as only changes are maintained. This also simplifies restoring snapshots, as no data needs to be copied.
  • Efficient Replication 
    Nimble Storage efficiently replicates data to another array by transferring compressed, block-level changes only. These remote copies can be made active if the primary array becomes unavailable. This makes deploying disaster data recovery easy and affordable – especially over a WAN to a remote array where bandwidth is limited.
  • Zero-Copy Clones 
    Nimble Storage arrays can create snapshot-based read/writeable clones of existing volumes instantly. These clones benefit from fast read and write performance, making them ideal for demanding applications such as VDI or test/development.

To learn more about the Nimble offerings, please reach out to sales at Sunstar Company, Inc or call 310.330.2900 or Toll Free 800.663.5523


Data is exploding across the digital universe faster than ever before. While new information may need to be preserved for 2 or 20 years, data always needs to be accessible and accurate.

StrongBox solves data storage and protection challenges at a low cost while keeping your files fully accessible and simplifying long-term preservation.

StrongBox Key Benefits:
  • Reduces TCO and controls storage costs
  • Provides an always-online file system as an easy-to-use NAS solution
  • Ensures the long-term protection of business-critical data
  • Delivers tunable performance for data accessibility
  • Closes the gap between data growth and budget availability

StrongBox is a NAS appliance built to simplify data access and provide the most cost-effective storage for unstructured data.

StrongBox ensures complete data protection for all of your online, nearline and archive storage needs.

Combining flexible, policy-driven disk storage with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology, StrongBox empowers you to control storage costs without sacrificing data availability, limiting scalability or adding complexity.

Strongbox LTFS Storage Solution

Access data online, all the time

When you need access to your data, you don’t want to wait. StrongBox provides an always online file system that supports multiple, simultaneous requests. Data is never offline and users have a persistent view of all files in the archive, improving efficiency and maximizing the IT investment. Access is as simple as point and click from a standard file system. With unique performance tuning, you can customize data availability to meet specific business needs.

Reduce storage TCO

Minimize data center costs by leveraging low-power, low-cost LTFS media for long-term assets. StrongBox keeps data center power requirements low, reducing operational costs by up to 95 percent. As a protected archive for fixed data, StrongBox helps reduce additional storage investments while optimizing your infrastructure with policy-driven, automated tiering that matches performance and accessibility with business need.

Grow your archive with low-cost scalability

Data grows exponentially – budgets don’t. With StrongBox and LTO/LTFS storage, you can scale storage as needed. StrongBox XpanDisk allows users to increase the online disk storage capacity with the StrongBox NAS.

Simplify storage infrastructure with an easy-to-use solution

Unlike complex storage systems that require hours of configuration and training, StrongBox is a plug-and-play appliance that is simple to deploy. Seamlessly connecting to the network via GbE or 10GbE, StrongBox presents stored data just like a standard network share.

Stay in control of your data with LTFS and LTO – no vendor lock-in

You stay in control of your data with StrongBox. By leveraging the open standard LTFS technology, StrongBox writes data in a non-proprietary format and makes no modifications to files or metadata. A StrongBox system is not required to read data written by StrongBox – tapes can be exported and read by any LTFS drive.

Protect and preserve data with long-term reliability

Storage is fundamental, but ensuring that data can be retrieved is key to a successful IT infrastructure. StrongBox protects data on multiple fronts so that you can be confident that data written to the archive is recoverable in time of need.

Build a sustainable active archive

StrongBox is the turnkey solution component for active archive architectures in which your archival data remains available without high operating costs or bogging down network resources. StrongBox is energy efficient to help you meet Green IT initiatives, not to mention reduces your cost for power by up to 95 percent.

Available from Sunstar Company. To learn more about archiving technology, please call (310) 330-2900 or contact us online

The Nimble platform has been adopted by cloud service providers, and mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies across a wide range of industries. These customers rely on a mix of applications, and run a variety of workloads and then there is their superior customer experience.

Nimble believes flash will upend traditional disk-based architectures, and that cloud-based storage management will eventually replace current approaches to storage management. 

  • Flexible scaling of storage resources to satisfy the changing demands of business-critical applications
  • Five times greater performance and capacity density than legacy storage systems
  • Up to a 75% reduction in data footprint, and a 10x reduction in datacenter rack space
  • Non-disruptive and independent scaling of performance and capacity, within a single array or a cluster
  • As many as 90 days of hourly snapshots on a single array
  • WAN-efficient replication of snapshot data for disaster recovery
  • Peak storage health driven by powerful data sciences
  • Greater than five nines system uptime

And then there is their products:

Nimble Storage CS-Series arrays are the building blocks of the Adaptive Flash platform. Nimble arrays deliver performance and capacity efficiency, seamless scalability and clustering, and feature integrated data protection, data sciences-based management, and support.

  • The CS210 and CS215 provide value and performance for small to medium-sized IT organizations or remote offices, for workloads such as Microsoft Exchange and VDI.
  • The CS300 is ideal for midsize IT organizations or distributed sites of larger organizations. It offers the best capacity per $ for workloads like Microsoft applications, VDI, or virtual server consolidation. The CS300 delivers 1.6x more IOPS than the CS215.
  • The CS500 offers advanced performance for larger-scale deployments or IO-intensive workloads, like larger-scale VDI, and Oracle or SQL Server databases, and provides the best performance and IOPS per $. The CS500 achieves 5x the performance of the CS215.
  • The CS700 is designed for consolidating multiple large-scale critical applications with aggressive performance demands. It delivers approximately 7x the IOPS of the CS215.

So you have a need for a stand alone IBM 3592 tape drive.

Sunstar Company, a stocking Value Added Reseller of refurbished IBM 3592 tape drives (IBM models TS1120. TS1130 and TS1140) can support your requirement for a stand alone 3592 tape drive.

We understand your needs and we can support your requirements. Now with ease you can read all 3592 media of a single or dual drive solution outside of the tape library

Single or dual drive option

3592 E05 in Stand Alone Tabletop Enclosure   3592 E05 in Stand Alone Tabletop Enclosure (Rear View)

Single drive solution – Front and Rear

3592 EO5 in Dual Rackmount3592 EO5 in Dual Rackmount (Rear View)

Dual  drives solution – Front and Rear

A.    1 x IBM 3592-E07 (TS1140) tape drive in generic Table top enclosure with service panel  $5,200.00   (warranty 90 days)

B.    1 x IBM 3592-E07 (TS1140) tape drive in generic Table top enclosure with service panel  $6,700.00   (warranty one year)

C.    2 x IBM 3592-E07 (TS1140 tape drive in generic dual rack mount enclosure with one service panel  $11,850.00   (warranty 90 days)

D.    2 x IBM 3592-E07 (TS1140) tape drive in generic dual rack mount enclosure with one service panel  $14,850.00   (warranty one year)

E.    1 x IBM 3592-E06  (TS1130) tape drive in generic Table top enclosure with service panel  $3,800.00   (warranty 90 days)

F.    1 xIBM 3592-E06 (TS1130) tape drive in generic Table top enclosure with service panel  $4,800.00   (warranty one year)

G.    2 x IBM 3592-E07 (TS1140 tape drive in generic dual rack mount enclosure with one service panel  $9,050.00   (warranty 90 days)

H.    2 x IBM 3592-E06 (TS1130) tape drive in generic dual rack mount enclosure with one service panel  $11,,050.00   (warranty one year))

To learn more – contact sales at Sunstar Company, by calling 800.663.5523 or contact us online.

As archives grow, storage performance must keep pace so that valuable files are accessible at all times.

The exponential growth of digital imaging is driving up demand for storage capacity:

  • High definition (HD) cameras produce denser images
  • Data retention polices require longer term storage of images and video
  • Data replication multiplies images as business seek to protect valuable archives. 

The following solutions are available from Sunstar Company, Inc.

Contact us online or call (800) 663-5523

Archive Solutions     SAN Storage     NAS Storage      Unified Storage


Video production and distribution is evolving at a faster pace than ever before.

Post-production activities require massive amounts of storage. Editors cut and coordinate raw content from multiple feeds.

Staying on top is all about asset management and the ability to scale storage on the fly.

To learn more about the storage offerings available to you please contact sales at Sunstar Company, Inc.

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Digital Images are electronic snapshots taken of a scene or scanned from documents, such as photographs, manuscripts, printed texts, and artwork. The digital image is sampled and mapped as a grid of dots or picture elements (pixels). Each pixel is assigned a tonal value (black, white, shades of gray or color), which is represented in binary code (zeros and ones).

The binary digits (“bits”) for each pixel are stored in a sequence by a computer and often reduced to a mathematical representation (compressed). The bits are then interpreted and read by the computer to produce an analog version for display or printing.

As digital imaging grows, it is driving up demand for storage capacity for three reasons: high definition (HD) cameras produce denser images, data retention polices require longer term storage of images and video, and data replication multiplies images as business seek to protect valuable archives. As archives grow, storage performance must keep pace so that valuable files are accessible at all times.

Faster Retrieval of Images and Video Files

Customer Benefits

  • Multiple streams of HD content
  • 99.999% availability
  • Windows, Linux support


  • Both Direct-attached or Networked storage (SAN) available
  • Interoperability with Linux and Windows
  • SSD and HDD options meet a range speed and capacity requirements

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Active Archive Is the Lifeboat

We all need to protect our data. Businesses typically have to back it up, and there are hundreds of backup solutions out there. Why then, do so many storage administrators say that managing backup data is their biggest challenge? As data continues to grow, content is lodged in backup cycles, increasing backup windows and spurring the need for more storage and data protection investments. A significant percentage of enterprise data likely won’t be accessed again after it is first created.   

The solution? An active archive with built-in data protection, offload data from primary storage and reduce backup!


  1. Backup – Copies of current, changing data saved in case of emergency
  2. Archive – Copies of fixed content stored for long-term retention or compliance
  3. Active Archive – Seamless tiered storage which gives access to data across a virtualized file system and migrates data between multiple storage systems and media types as appropriate

Backup and archive are not synonymous, but active archiving can have a huge impact on your backup, leaving a much smaller amount of data that requires routine backups.

There is not magic formula for reducing data center costs; it takes a strategic implementation of the right tools with continual optimization of the infrastructure. By moving infrequently accessed data into a protected archive, users can reduce the volume of data stored on expensive primary storage, thus reducing the amount of data that has to be protected during full backup windows.

Many active archives are constructed with hybrid storage technologies, such as flash, disk and tape.  While disk or flash provides the “active” data access, tape delivers low-cost, ultra-scalable storage. LTO tape is one of the most reliable storage mediums available, lasting 6 times longer than typical disk life spans. With an active archive, you could essentially have data stored on disk for fast access, while a copy always remains on a protected tape layer. Additional system policies or features like hash coding, media integrity checks and restricted access all bolster tape-enabled archiving’s appeal for data protection and longevity.

Additionally, storing files in an active archive can dramatically improve recovery times. Unlike offline backups, active archive data is available all the time. With client-level connectivity, there is no need for a storage administrator to manually retrieve offline data or recall physical media from offsite.

Plain and simple: Stop backing up fixed content. Store and protect it in an active archive instead.

While every data center has different needs, we can all agree that shorter, simpler backups would cause even the most organized IT director to breathe a little easier. Watch your total costs for data storage and protection decrease as your environment operates without the latencies and complexities of overburdened backups.

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The Nexsan Assureon line of products is specifically designed for long-term retention and adherence to compliance requirements.


Archive File Shares

Offload File shares and reduce storage overhead. Take advantage of de-duplication and advanced federated search across File and Exchange servers. Full support for hybrid and dedicated cloud infrastructures to improve cost-efficiency and accessibility.

  • Offload File Servers

  • Apply Federated Search

  • Improve Storage Efficiency

  • Deploy On-Premises or Cloud

Systems like these provide fingerprinting of data so that each time a file is saved a unique ID is assigned to it. This enables the system to confirm that data has not degraded and that it  has not been altered. The system continuously monitors for data corruption or alteration and provides alerts as well as self-healing functionality to ensure no data falls out of compliance or is lost!

The Assureon provide long term data durability. First, a fully audited copy can be protected at both the primary and secondary sites. Optional additional audited copies may be added to one or both sites. Files can also be individually encrypted with their own AES-256 encryption key for maximum security. Data can be set as unalterable and unerasable for complete adherence to compliance standards. Assureon offers all of these capabilities at a price and footprint in the
datacenter that is far less than using a secondary NetApp Filer or Isilon..

One challenge remains in the use case of the NetApp Filer: how to get data to the Assureon Archive.

Assureon is a cost-and-energy-efficient archive system that provides complete tamper-proof security for compliance while reducing the cost and footprint of primary storage.

Metalogix builds the bridge for seamless migration and transparent access of attachments and database information from Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint to NetApp Filers. Nexsan and Metalogix  together offer compliance, easy management and efficiency.

Metalogix logo

Metalogix Builds The Bridge 
Metalogix offers easily deployed and managed solutions for SharePoint and Exchange, which provide the bridge for attachments, file data and database information to be archived out of these application structures and into a
dedicated archive solution like Nexsan’s Assureon.

The Exchange and SharePoint environments are indexed and analyzed. Qualified attachments in both environments are moved to the archive storage system and shortcuts are left in their place, preserving the user’s file access structure. Whenever the user needs to access one of these older attachments the shortcut triggers it to be returned to primary storage transparently to the user. This process provides significant business benefit by securely archiving data on cost-effective, energy-efficient storage.

Metalogix also adds a single instancing capability to further reduce the data footprint. Metalogix and Nexsan together make the NetApp environment perform better and delay the need to upgrade to a more powerful Filer

User Transparency

Authorized users can administer their own file system by manually archiving and restoring documents. Ordinary users are not affected by the file archiving process; they remain completely unaware of the Archive Manager Files Edition installation. The user interface is unchanged and the users’ daily file processes are unaffected.

Automatic Versioning

If an archived document is accessed and edited, Archive Manager Files Edition recognizes the amendments and automatically stores the revised document as a new version. Authorized users can then view the different instances, new or original, of that document. This prerequisite archiving is central to compliant storage management and retrieving files for e-Discovery.

Compliance Management

The IT Administrator can set retention times on documents for complete control of the file lifecycle with regards to litigation. After designating a file with a deletion time, the admin can assign a “keep-alive period” that issues a warning when the retention time is reached and the file is about to be deleted from the archive. Compliant storage media can be installed to ensure the files are not tampered with while stored.

Global File Management

Manage multiple domains of File Server environments in different locations around the world. Create file archiving jobs from remote servers and replace stored files using HTML shortcuts. Network flexibility and offsite systems improve the adaptability of file archiving infrastructures. Archived files are easily accessible via the web portal from worldwide locations.

Archive Manager for Files

Archive Manager for Exchange

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Additional services offered by Sunstar Company, Inc.

  • Asset Buybacks
  • Asset Redeployment
  • Data Eradication
  • Secure Data Destruction
  • End of Life Asset Disposition
  • Compliance IT Recyling

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The Nexsan Assureon™ is an archive system that is ideal for primary storage optimization and the secure long-term retention of files. Assureon offloads data from primary storage to free up space for active data and greatly reduces the size, cost and complexity of backups. Stringent data integrity features like file-fingerprinting ensure the file you save is the file you will retrieve regardless of time. Assureon is easy to administer, operates transparently without disruption to users or applications and can reside on-premise, in the cloud, or both.

assureon web

Some features and benefits:


General-purpose NAS does not always meet demands for corporate compliance or government regulatory compliance. Data archiving storage is more secure than NAS because all files stored on the system are fingerprinted, optionally encrypted, stored in WORM (write once read many times) format, and protected with a lifetime policy, all in a security-hardened storage system with built-in, multi-site key management and full audit logs.

Offload NAS

Data such as photographs, video, medical records, scanned documents, court evidence, reports, experimental results and email messages do not change. Rather than fill expensive primary NAS with this data, and then wasting time and media backing it up repeatedly, it is best offloaded onto a data archiving storage system where it will be better protected yet fully available to users and applications.


General-purpose NAS does not meet demands storing or sharing sensitive data in a cloud. Assureon has built-in multi-tenancy that allows a cloud storage provider to service several customers securely off of one Assureon system. Customer’s data can be kept safe with the built-in encryption and multi-site key management of Assureon.

Data Integrity

Each time a file is saved, it is fingerprinted so its history and contents cannot be altered after the fact. This write-once, read many time (WORM) storage architecture is part of how Assureon meets even the strictest regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, SOX and SEC17.


Two copies of all files, along with their fingerprints, are stored on separate RAID disk sets. Two Assureon systems can be replicated to each other to protect against a site failure. Files are continually verified against their fingerprint, automatically repaired by their copies, and safeguarded by RAID disk arrays to ensure the utmost file protection and integrity. Native active/active replication protects against site disasters with automatic failover, while delivering increased performance over active/passive systems.

The Assureon data archive system supports both compliant and non-compliant policies simultaneously while competitors require two systems to be purchased in order to provide both. All files can optionally be encrypted with AES-256. The built-in key manager ensures that all keys are safely stored in three locations worldwide. Industry-leading single point deletion technology permits Assureon to effectively delete all copies of a file worldwide by destroying the file’s encryption key.

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Sunstar Company, Inc can help you with your data extraction, conversion, copying, media transfer.

Services Provided: Systems Migration    Duplication:    Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity    Litigation Discovery

Data Migration is the process of moving static or preexisting long-term retention data to a newer technology. This involves the moving of data on specific media one or a combination of disk or tape technologies. The process and issues are largely dictated by the platforms and applications involved. Why migrate data? To take full advantage of newer technologies and your investment in them, it is necessary to port your older data to such new storage platforms.

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Imation (NYSE:IMN), a global data storage and information security company, today at VMworld® 2014 introduced the NST4000 – a new ultra-efficient hybrid storage appliance purpose-built for media and entertainment and data protection workloads that will deliver Fibre Channel connectivity and new levels of capacity and performance to the mid-range enterprise. The NST4000, the latest addition to Imation’s Nexsan NST™ family of storage solutions, will be at Imation’s booth, #2505, through the end of the show and will be available for delivery in the fourth quarter.

The NST4000 delivers genuine, efficient hybrid storage with tremendous efficiency and processing power using the latest high-performance technologies as well as the flexibility to meet the needs of organizations that continue to rapidly add new applications to their environments. With an intelligent hybrid caching layer, NST4000 is especially well-suited for mid-sized data centers, mixed application workloads, data protection strategies and media and entertainment industry workflows.

Specifically, NST4000 offers significant new user benefits, including:

  • Fibre Channel Support – NST4000 expands the Nexsan NST family’s unified block and file sharing capabilities by adding Fibre Channel connectivity for those mid-range enterprises that prefer it for their applications. This gives organizations the ability to take advantage of the benefits of NST’s hybrid storage using a full range of unified storage protocols, including iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, FTP and now Fibre Channel.
  • Higher Capacity Scalability – A single NST4000 array can non-disruptively scale to 2.1PB. This represents 50 percent more storage capacity scale and 45 percent more FASTier™ cache scale than preceding NST arrays could offer, delivering much more flexibility to IT administrators.
  • Increased Performance – The NST4000 can deliver three times as many IOPs as preceding NST storage solutions. This is accomplished by combining optimizations in NestOS 3.1 with Imation’s fault-tolerant FASTier™ DRAM caching technology, solid-state disks (SSDs) and the latest processor technology.
  • Enhanced Data Reduction – The NST4000 delivers faster and smarter inline compression. Compressible data can be processed 50 percent faster, and intelligence removes the penalty of trying to act upon noncompressible data.

“It’s hard to properly allocate storage capacity to support existing needs and plan for future data growth, because new applications with varying workloads are being introduced and integrated all the time,” said Mike Stolz, vice president of marketing and technical support for Imation’s Nexsan solutions. “It’s also hard to ensure there’s enough storage performance to support application and user demands – and even harder to build an infrastructure that delivers the right balance of capacity, performance, efficiency and ROI for the organization given all of these variables. The new NST4000 combines our experience designing the best in high-capacity, high-reliability storage with our proprietary, self-tuning hybrid cache system to create the ultimate solution for efficient mid-range storage.”

“The new NST4000 is an Imation proof point that they are executing their strategy around its Nexsan product portfolio, including bringing new storage value and productivity to the market,” said Greg Schulz, principal at StorageIO. “Their NST4000 is a hybrid mid-range storage solution including software defined storage management that provides scalability of performance and capacity, along with the reliability associated with the Imation brand. Being a hybrid also means the NST4000 has the flexibility to connect to your applications using multi-protocol block (SAN) or file (NAS) as well as support SSD caching and various types of disk drives. It’s time to ask not what you can do for your storage system, rather what can your hybrid storage system do for you and your applications.”

“We and our customers have had great success with Nexsan NST hybrid storage appliances from Imation, so we’re really looking forward to integrating the new Nexsan NST4000 into our offerings,” said Mark Tuggle of USI Corporation. “Nexsan NST solutions are fast, flexible, dense, scalable and value-packed – all at a very reasonable price point.”

Imation’s Nexsan NST™ is a set of flexible hybrid storage appliances that scale to meet mid-sized organization application and storage needs with unified NAS and SAN access capabilities in a single solution. NST combines high performance, high capacity and Imation’s innovative FASTier™ caching technology to provide scaling performance for backup, virtualized environments and mixed application workloads. FASTier is NST’s hybrid caching layer that combines intelligent algorithms with high-performance DRAM and SSD technologies to grow performance cost-effectively when it is required. NST enables businesses to right size their initial acquisition and increase performance as their applications demand it. Also, NST’s data compression capabilities reduce storage system footprint in the data center and improve write efficiencies and performance to SSDs and HDDs.

The NST family is just one part of Imation’s deep Nexsan portfolio of purpose-built storage solutions, enabling users to deploy the right storage products for the right application. The other Nexsan product lines are:

  • Imation’s Nexsan E-Series™ is a family of high-density, high-performance and highly reliable storage solutions that can be directly attached or networked to workstations and servers. E-Series delivers the density and efficiency that mid-sized organizations need to scale their capacity while lowering their overall space requirements and operating costs. All E-Series systems take the extra step to reduce power and cooling requirements through their multi-level, power-reducing AutoMAID capabilities. They also include an easy-to-use management interface that simplifies deployment and management for the resource-constrained IT administrator.
  • Imation’s Nexsan Assureon™ is a set of secure storage solutions that reduce storage cost by offloading and deduplicating data from primary storage that is infrequently used or has aged by policy. Assureon, through policy automation, can eliminate or greatly reduce the size, cost and complexity of backups for primary and infrequently accessed data. Assureon includes multi-tenancy – with secure copy creation, data movement and long term storage – and chargeback capabilities for public and private cloud deployments. Data integrity features like file-fingerprinting and automated self-healing integrity checks ensure that your high-value data is protected. Assureon’s security features comply with corporate and governmental regulatory requirements and make it well suited for medical, financial and government organizations.

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Good news,

Sunstar client …… has ordered yet another Unitrends RC833. 

What I can assure you is that the Unitrends Recovery Appliance does what the document states, the client is happy as are we.

Backup to the Unitrends RC Appliance.

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Nimble Logo

Nimble Storage has released two new hybrid storage arrays, the CS300 and CS500.

The new units refresh Nimble’s lower and mid-range offerings, boasting a 50% increase in performance over the CS200 and CS400 models they’re replacing.

Like the high-end CS700, the new systems leverage Nimble’s Adaptive Flash technology which allows for independent scaling of capacity and performance.

The CS300 and CS500 use a 3U form factor and offer 10Gbase-T, GbE, and GbE SFP+ connectivity.

Nimble systems can be configured to order, giving customers the opportunity to select networking, disk and flash capacity that meets their workload needs. 

Like the CS700, the new CS300 and CS500 support 36TB raw capacity, with the ability to scale to 256TB via shelves. 

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StrongBox is a network attached storage (NAS) appliance that is purpose-built to lower the costs of long-term storage and protection for unstructured, fixed content.

By pairing a flexible, policy-driven disk cache with Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology, StrongBox empowers you to control storage costs without sacrificing data availability.

The StrongBox® DataManager is a complementary software enhancement to the StrongBox archive appliance that provides transparent file movement (migration or copying) from primary storage systems, such as NetApp, Linux, Windows, Novell, and other CIFS/NFS file servers, into the StrongBox archive.

Protect and preserve data with long-term reliability

Storage is fundamental, but ensuring that data can be retrieved is key to a successful IT infrastructure. StrongBox protects data on multiple fronts so that you can be confident that data written to the archive is recoverable in time of need.

Build a sustainable active archive

StrongBox is the turnkey solution component for active archive architectures in which your archival data remains available without high operating costs or bogging down network resources. StrongBox is energy efficient to help you meet Green IT initiatives, not to mention reduces your cost for power by up to 95 percent.

Stronbox layout Typical Layout

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Unitrends Backup & Disaster Recovery solution for virtual, physical and cloud is a leader in enterprise-level data protection.

It is used by IT professionals for backup of their virtual and physical servers and for performing disaster recovery to remote locations, private and public clouds.

Unitrends Backup & Recovery solution provides US-based support that boasts a 99% customer satisfaction rate, reinforcing its reputation for quality.

Features include: No Limits Licensing, Heterogeneous Protection for 100+ versions of Operating Systems, Continuous Data Protection & Point-in-Time Protection, Global Deduplication, Encryption, Ease of Use, Simply Scalable, Instant Recovery with Failover Virtualization, Disaster Recovery, Archiving and Replication.

See how other Data Protection offerings stack up against Unitrends Backup, Recovery and Replication Solutions!

  • Symantec Backup Exec 2012 to Unitrends
  • EMC Avamar to Unitrends
  • EMC Networker vs Unitrends
  • EMC DPS vs Unitrends
  • Barracuda vs Unitrends
  • Commvault Simpina vs Unitrends
  • IBM Tivoli Storage Manager vs Unitrends
  • Computer Associates ARCserve vs Unitrends

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  • NexsanLogo_250x211
  • Imation’s Nexsan SAN storage arrays deliver the smallest footprint with up to 60 disks in 4U of rack space while consuming 85% less power when idle. Enterprise-class reliability and leading cost-per-terabyte optimize the SAN storage infrastructure for backup and recovery, bulk storage and much more for traditional, virtual and cloud environments. 
  • The Nexsan NST-Series delivers a hybrid of solid-state and spinning disk for iSCSI and NAS to meet the most intensive application requirements like server and desktop virtualization, databases and more. The radical new cost-per-I/O of Nexsan’s Hybrid Storage allows organizations to do more than ever before.
  • The Nexsan Assureon™ is an archive system that is ideal for primary storage optimization, regulatory and corporate compliance, and the secure, long-term retention of files. Assureon offloads data from primary storage to free up space for active data and greatly reduces the size, cost and complexity of backups. Security features comply with corporate and governmental regulatory requirements including HIPAA, SOX and SEC-17. Stringent data integrity features like file-fingerprinting ensure the file you save is the file you will retrieve regardless of time.

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