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At some point in time a backup solution will be deployed in all organizations. Sure there is a wide choice of offerings and we are not just talking about disk or tape.  For the most part a number of vendors are required for a backup solution to be deployed.

More likely both software and hardware will be required. This works but what we at Sunstar have learned over the years that in time, more challenges arise. Operating Systems get updated or changed, hardware is replaced and then there is the added headache that support must be available from both the software and hardware vendor.

It is for these reasons that many of our clients have opted to an “all in one” solution.  Unitrends is one of our “go to vendors” when a client will best be suited by an all in solution.

  • Unitrends delivers award-winning business recovery solutions for any IT environment.
  • The company’s portfolio of virtual, physical, and cloud solutions provides adaptive protection for organizations globally.
  • To address the complexities facing today’s modern data center, Unitrends delivers end-to-end protection and instant recovery of all virtual and physical assets as well as automated disaster recovery testing built for virtualization.
  • Unitrends’ offerings are backed by a customer support team that consistently achieves a 98 percent satisfaction rating.

Contact us at (800) 663-5523 for assistance, we will size the appropriate solution for your company.

Recovery-Series family features include:

  • All-in-one integrated appliance models with AES-NI hardware encryption, scaling from 1TB to 97TB of raw storage, 8GB to 256GB memory, and 2 to 16 CPU cores.
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)—1st integrated appliance (1U and larger) to include variable sized solid-state drives (SSDs) as a 2nd-layer read cache. As more backups are processed and replicated, data is cached in SSD cache, speeding up read requests and increasing data I/O.
  • Recovery assurance including the industry’s only Windows VM and physical server instant recovery capability coupled with hypervisor-level instant recovery and auditing via the ReliableDR add-on.
  • Virtualization, deep virtualization, physical, and unified compute protection for over 100 versions of applications, operating systems, servers, and storage.
  • Unitrends Bridge Convert physical systems to virtual systems, vSphere or Hyper-V, in a single click to external virtualization hosts.
  • Unified Bare Metal One-pass dissimilar bare metal capability that performs both bare metal as well as granular file-level backup.
  • NDMP Backup and NAS Backup Optional NDMP NAS Protection provides enhanced storage integration for EMC and NetApp NAS devices with simplified backup management, improved performance, while maintaining access control lists (ACLs) on recovered files.
  • Cloud-empowered disaster recovery and business continuity your way—via ourUnitrends Cloud which offers No Limits Cloud storage with strict RTO SLAs and DRaaSfor Windows and VMware. But we don’t lock you in—we offer cloud disaster recovery even via third-party cloud solutions with our CloudHook functionality supporting Amazon, Google, Dropbox and many more.
  • Granular disaster recovery via local archiving—D2D2x (Disk-to-Disk-to-Any) including rotational disk, rotational tape, fixed SAN, and fixed NAS—so that you can build WAN bandwidth-saving disaster recovery and business continuity policies.
  • Our Pledge free hardware forever policy included with any 3 or 5 year support plan.
  • Predictive analytics that monitors and predicts hardware and software failures before they occur.

Right-size your appliance to fit your exact business needs, from the remote office to the enterprise. Choose from a granular family of Recovery-Series appliances that easily scale up and scale out as your business grows.

Raw Capacity (TB)
Backup Capacity (TB)
U Height


Video production and distribution is evolving at a faster pace than ever before.

Post-production activities require massive amounts of storage. Editors cut and coordinate raw content from multiple feeds.

Staying on top is all about asset management and the ability to scale storage on the fly.

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Active Archive Is the Lifeboat

We all need to protect our data. Businesses typically have to back it up, and there are hundreds of backup solutions out there. Why then, do so many storage administrators say that managing backup data is their biggest challenge? As data continues to grow, content is lodged in backup cycles, increasing backup windows and spurring the need for more storage and data protection investments. A significant percentage of enterprise data likely won’t be accessed again after it is first created.   

The solution? An active archive with built-in data protection, offload data from primary storage and reduce backup!


  1. Backup – Copies of current, changing data saved in case of emergency
  2. Archive – Copies of fixed content stored for long-term retention or compliance
  3. Active Archive – Seamless tiered storage which gives access to data across a virtualized file system and migrates data between multiple storage systems and media types as appropriate

Backup and archive are not synonymous, but active archiving can have a huge impact on your backup, leaving a much smaller amount of data that requires routine backups.

There is not magic formula for reducing data center costs; it takes a strategic implementation of the right tools with continual optimization of the infrastructure. By moving infrequently accessed data into a protected archive, users can reduce the volume of data stored on expensive primary storage, thus reducing the amount of data that has to be protected during full backup windows.

Many active archives are constructed with hybrid storage technologies, such as flash, disk and tape.  While disk or flash provides the “active” data access, tape delivers low-cost, ultra-scalable storage. LTO tape is one of the most reliable storage mediums available, lasting 6 times longer than typical disk life spans. With an active archive, you could essentially have data stored on disk for fast access, while a copy always remains on a protected tape layer. Additional system policies or features like hash coding, media integrity checks and restricted access all bolster tape-enabled archiving’s appeal for data protection and longevity.

Additionally, storing files in an active archive can dramatically improve recovery times. Unlike offline backups, active archive data is available all the time. With client-level connectivity, there is no need for a storage administrator to manually retrieve offline data or recall physical media from offsite.

Plain and simple: Stop backing up fixed content. Store and protect it in an active archive instead.

While every data center has different needs, we can all agree that shorter, simpler backups would cause even the most organized IT director to breathe a little easier. Watch your total costs for data storage and protection decrease as your environment operates without the latencies and complexities of overburdened backups.

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Sunstar Company, Inc. partners with the best hardware and software vendors in the industry. Our extensive experience means we can identify and assess products as they come onto the market, and select the leading technologies for integration onto existing or upgraded storage solutions.

We constantly review new products to provide our customers with the best price performance solutions available. And because our solutions are designed to be vendor-independent, you can be sure you are getting the optimal data management solution for your organisation.

We have broad experience in delivering storage and data management solutions across all the leading technology types including:

We have solutions that are scaleable and felxible ensuring that there is no under utilised or wasted disk resource or disk pools. Our solution set is also flexible enough to deliver value from the small to medium enterprise through to some of the largest enterprise organisations throughout Europe.

As a technically focused company, we continuously review the storage industry, selecting the best of breed partners on technology (rather than just market position alone). To that end we are able to offer a wide range of technologies from disk (SSD, SAS, NL-SAS & SATA) through to innovative functionality such as Quality of Service and storage tiering.

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Backup is usually a routine part of the operation of large businesses, the retrieval of files backed up is called restore. Backup to disk, tape, other media or cloud.

The process of copying files or databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. 

  • Unitrends : Fast, reliable back up and restoration of files and folders. All Unitrends appliances use disk-to-disk technology to provide greater speed and reliability than tape-based systems.
  • SpectraLogic : Large-scale, long-term storage and archive solutions utilizing automated tape libraries and disk systems will protect your data efficiently and securely.
  • Overland Storage : Long term backup and archiving solutions; tape libraries and VTL offerings.
  • Oracle – StorageTek : Oracle’s proven StorageTek tape and library solutions help you manage complexity, control costs, and deliver on service-level agreements
  • IBM : The IBM portfolio includes tape drives and libraries that take advantage of LTF along with numerous disk solutions.
  • Duracell Cloud Storage: Unlimted backup to the cloud. Duracell cost can cost less than cloud services that offer just a fraction of our 3 in 1 cloud service.

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Good news,

Sunstar client …… has ordered yet another Unitrends RC833. 

What I can assure you is that the Unitrends Recovery Appliance does what the document states, the client is happy as are we.

Backup to the Unitrends RC Appliance.

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Enterprise Classs Unified Hybrid Storage- fully unified, enterprise-class, unified hybrid storage solution that simultaneously supports block and file traffic eliminating the need for organizations to invest in separate SAN and NAS storage systems. The Nexsan NST6000 unified storage system is the newest member of the NST family, offering new high performance controllers and an expanded front-end FASTier™ caching engine connected to efficient E-Series storage arrays of NL-SAS / Performance SAS drives or to compact NST224X storage enclosures of 2.5″ Performance SAS drives.

  • Block: Fibre Channel, iSCSI

  • File: NFS, CIFS, SMB and FTP

  • NestOS storage operating system

  • FASTier Acceleration Technology

  • Multi-Core Xeon CPUs

  • 32 GB Fault-Tolerant FASTier Write Cache

  • Enterprise-class eMLC SSD or SLC SSD

  • Scalable up to 48 SSDs or 19.2 TB

  • 2.5″ 10K SAS HDD

  • 3.5″ 15K SAS, 7200 NL-SAS HDD

  • Scalable up to 5 PB (using NL-SAS drives)

  • Scalable up to 756 TB (using Performance SAS drives)

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