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Q: What is Dternity?
A: Dternity is Fujifilm’s deep storage solution that utilizes tape media, onsite network storage and online vaulting to provide organizations with a new and holistic approach to archiving.

Q: What kind of archive is Dternity?
A: Dternity utilizes Linear Tape File System (LTFS) standards to provide a file- and project-based workflow to streamline and simplify the archiving experience.

Q: How do I copy or move files into Dternity?
A: Moving files into Dternity is very easy. On the Dternity NAS, it’s as simple as creating a CIFS or NFS share and dragging and dropping the files into Dternity as it behaves as network attached storage.

Moving files into the Dternity Media Cloud can happen several different ways. Files can be moved into the cloud through a VPN over a CIFS or NFS share. Additionally, you can ship media to us for ingestion into the cloud.

Q: Can I share access to files stored?
A: Yes. You will be responsible for managing access control.

Q: Can I search the files stored at Dternity?
A: Yes. Locally, you can search for files to the extent that your local system provides that function. Additionally, the Dternity Media Cloud features 24/7 portal access for a file-index look at your archived data.

Q: Is Dternity compatible with my existing systems?
A: Yes, Dternity is compatible with any system that supports CIFS/NFS.

Q: Do you offer migration services?
A: Yes, we offer a service to migrate files from old tape formats and old backup formats into the Dternity Media Cloud.

Dternity Media Cloud

Q: How do I move large quantities of data?
A: Data can be moved into Dternity Media Cloud both online and via shipping, but sometimes bandwidth restrictions make physical delivery a more viable option. Data in quantities too large to be uploaded can be moved into the Dternity Media Cloud via our courier service. We can ingest LTFS tape media or any NAS.

Q: Why do I need Dternity Media Cloud? I already back up my files onsite.
A: Dternity Media Cloud provides safe and secure offsite protection files and projects. This offsite protection means that you’ll be able to recover from data loss disasters by conveniently retrieving the lost files online from Dternity. Dternity Media Cloud can also be used to share access to files by becoming your online data archive.

Q: How secure is Dternity Media Cloud?
A: Very secure. Fujifilm has been providing secure disaster recovery and archival services for the medical industry and government for over five years. Our standards are built around these strict guidelines. Our data centers are secure, with SSAE 16 and HIPAA/HITECH certification available.