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 IBM FlashSystem V840

IBM FlashSystem™ V840 Enterprise Performance Solution merges IBM software-defined storage with the scalable performance of IBM FlashSystem storage to accelerate critical business applications and decrease data center costs simultaneously.

IBM FlashSystem V840 software-defined flash accelerates critical business applications and through the use of Real-time Compression™ delivers flash for less than the cost of disk.

Drive new business opportunities with IBM FlashSystem V840

  • Faster applications
  • Flash for less than disk
  • Software defined services
  • Deep application integration
  • Scale-up and scale-out
  • Protect your existing storage investments 
  • IBM Real-time Compression: improve efficiency and control storage costs by increasing the effective capacity up to 5 times
  • IBM Easy Tier: automatically migrates data between storage tiers
  • Data virtualization: insulate applications from physical changes to your storage infrastructure
  • Thin provisioning: enable dynamic growth, purchase only the storage you need when you need it
  • Highly available configurations: enable near-continuous data availability
  • Copy services: provide space efficient backups
  • Deliver flash storage for less than the cost of hard-disk drives (HDDs) with IBM® Real-time Compression™
  • Preserve investments, centralize management and ease storage migrations with virtualization and IBM Easy Tier®
  • Improve IT economics by integrating with existing infrastructure to reduce total cost of ownership and maximize return on investment
  • Grow capacity and performance independently to match changing requirements
  • Integrate with VMware using vStorage APIs for Array Integration (VAAI)
  • Implement a full suite of storage services
  • Use flexible deployment options to scale up, scale out, or scale up and out your storage infrastructure
  • Boost reliability with enterprise-class flash storage and industry-leading storage virtualization technology
  • Increase storage utilization by providing more flexible access to storage assets
  • Improve administrator productivity by enabling centralized management of pooled storage from a single interface
  • Offer scalable performance in storage devices that are both space and power efficient

Today’s storage capacity and performance requirements are growing faster than ever before—and the costs of managing this growth are eating up more and more of the typical IT budget. Flash storage can help address your performance requirements, while software-defined storage can help simplify data management, improve data security and preserve your investments in legacy storage. And now, flash technology and software-defined storage are available in one solution that provides flexible deployment architectures, extreme performance, simplified management and a fast return on investment (ROI).

The market for all-flash arrays is saturated with products aiming to replace enterprise storage arrays but consistently failing to deliver the breadth of storage services delivered by incumbent solutions. Alternatively, hybrid arrays loaded with storage services consistently lack the low latency and performance scalability delivered by all-flash arrays.

  • Feature Benefits
    IBM MicroLatency
    • Delivers microsecond response time to accelerate critical applications and achieve competitive advantages
    Enterprise reliability
    • Provides fully redundant, hot-swappable components; multiple RAID layers; AES-XTS 256 encryption; and concurrent code upgrades for maximizing uptime and availability
    IBM Variable Stripe RAID technology
    • Maintains performance while enhancing reliability without sacrificing usable capacity
    Superior flash media technology
    • Offers capacity coupled to performance via enterprise multi-level cell (eMLC) flash technology
    Single point of control for storage resources
    • Designed to increase management efficiency
    • Designed to help support business application availability
    Pools the storage capacity of multiple storage systems on a storage area network (SAN)
    • Helps you manage storage as a resource to meet business requirements and not just as a set of boxes
    • Helps administrators better deploy storage as required beyond traditional “SAN islands”
    • Can help increase utilization of storage assets
    • Insulates applications from physical changes to the storage infrastructure
    IBM Real-time Compression
    • Increases effective capacity of storage systems up to five times, helping to lower costs, floor-space requirements, power and cooling
    • May be used with a wide range of data, including active primary data, for dramatic savings
    Easy-to-use IBM Storwize family management interface
    • Single interface for storage configuration, management and service tasks, regardless of storage vendor
    • Helps administrators use their existing storage assets more efficiently
    Dynamic data migration
    • Migrate data among devices without taking applications using that data offline
    • Manage and scale storage capacity without disrupting applications
    Managed tiered storage
    • Helps balance performance needs against infrastructure costs in a tiered storage environment
    Advanced network-based copy services
    • Copy data across multiple storage systems with IBM FlashCopy
    • Copy data across metropolitan and global distances as needed to create high-availability storage solutions
    Thin provisioning and “snapshot” replication
    • Dramatically reduce physical storage requirements by using physical storage only when data changes
    • Improve storage administrator productivity through automated on-demand storage provisioning

  • IBM FlashSystem V840 Enterprise Performance Solution – Base configuration
    Models 9846/8-AC0, 9846/8-AE1
    Flash type eMLC
    Flash module configuration 2 x 1 TB, 4 x 1 TB, 6 x 1 TB, 8 x 1 TB, 10 x 1 TB, 12 x 1 TB, 8 x 2 TB, 10 x 2 TB, 12 x 2 TB, 8 x 4 TB, 10 x 4 TB, 12 x 4 TB
    Maximum storage capacity Internal storage enclosure: Up to 40 TB (protected)Effective internal: Up to 200 TB (@ 80% reduction)External: Up to 32 PB usable capacity
    Maximum performance (100% read, 512B, cache hit)
    Minimum latency 60µs
    IOPS 840,000
    Maximum performance – Base configuration (100% read, 4K random, cache miss)
    Latency 200µs
    IOPS 300,000
    Bandwidth 4.8 GB/s
    Maximum performance – Scaled out (100% read, 4K random, 4 FlashSystem V840 solutions)*
    Latency 200µs
    IOPS 1,400,000
    Bandwidth 18 GB/s
    RAS features Two-dimensional flash RAID

    • Module-level IBM Variable Stripe RAID™
    • System-level RAID 5 across modules

    Hot-swappable flash modules
    Tool-less module installation/replacement
    Concurrent code load
    Redundant and hot-swappable components

    Encryption AES-XTS 256
    FlashSystem V840 connectivity options 6 x 8 Gb Fibre Channel
    Virtualization software model 5639-FS7
    Shared SMP processor configuration One Intel Xeon 5600 Series six-core processor
    Processor memory 24 GB per engine
    Dimensions (height x width x depth) 6U x 445 mm x 761 mm (6U x 17.5 in. x 29.96 in.)
    Weight 64 kg (141 lb) fully loaded