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Imations Nexsan Assureon

I feel that it is necessary to highlight a number of what I would call some of the hidden features of Imation’s Nexsan Assureon.

It is most important to understand that when an Assureon is purchased it comes as a pair.Recently we sold a 128TB Nexsan Assureon, the physical capacity was certainly more than 128TB but the client received two units, 128TB x 2. Explanation to follow”

  • Remote Replication – Two active Assureon systems can continuously replicate to each other to protect against a site failure
  • Failover/failback – Native active/active replication protects against site disasters with automatic read failover and manual write failover

Having two copies is certainly not enough.

Every time a file is saved, a unique fingerprint is generated using both an MD5 and SHA1 hash of its contents and metadata. The reslt; history and contents cannot be altered after the fact. Each file and its fingerprint are stored twice in the Assureon. The second copy is either stored on a remote Assureon or in rear cases in a separate RAID disk set in the same Assureon

In addition each file is assigned a serial number which is used to ensure no files are missing or inappropriately added. Starting at 1 to billions. Files are continually verified against their fingerprints, repaired using their copies and safeguarded by RAID disk arrays for days or the length of time you deem as necessary.

Lastly it is not possible to tamper with the system time clock because a global redundant secure time source utilized.

To learn more about the Assureon, please call (800) 663-5523, and yes we can guarantee the integrity of your data.