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Overland Data 9 Track Tape Drive


Model 5622

Ideal for Data Interchange

  • 375 KB/second sustained transfer rate
  • Industry-standard 9 track data interchange
  • 25,000-hour MTBF
  • Easy integration into most computer systems
  • 1 MB on-board cache memory
  • Self-test diagnostic on power-up
  • Compact, low-profile 3-1/2 inch height
  • Auto-load feature ensures easy operation
  • Weighs just 30 lbs. (13.5 kg)

Model 5622  9 track drives offer the high performance and reliability of mainframe and minicomputer 9 track systems in a sleek, low-profile package that fits beautifully into the modern office. What’s more, they run so quietly that their operational noise level is too low to be measured in a normal office environment.

Performance is maximized for desktop computers by 1 MB of built-in cache, a level of caching commonly seen only in larger, more expensive tape drives. This ensures a constant, steady flow of data to your host system; up to 22 MB per minute sustained, with burst rates up to 1 MB per second.

Tape tension is controlled by a microprocessor and custom reel motors–at tensions below those of most other drives, meaning minimal wear on your tapes. Using an exclusive adaptive read retry logic, the microprocessor automatically increases tape tension to improve the readability of marginal and creased tapes–just to the point that allows these tapes to be read. The result is extremely gentle and precise tape handling, keeping new tapes “newer” and letting old tapes be used with greater reliability.

The Model 5622 tape drive can be used anywhere–the auto ranging power supply automatically adjusts to all standard line voltages worldwide. This, plus small size and weight, make these drives perfect partners anywhere in the world.