Sunstar Company, Inc.



Qualstar 3400 Series


Qualstar brings the power and reliability of 9-track tape technology to personal computers, work-stations, and midrange systems providing easy interchange of ANSI or IBM format mainframe data. The 3400 Series provides streaming tape performance in a low profile, 5.25″ high package. It will read and write mainframe information in ASCII or EBCDlC formats using labeled or unlabeled tapes with fixed or variable length records on DOS, NetWare, UNIX, Windows, OS/2, NT, VMS, or MAC 0/S. Supported platforms include IBM PC, Macintosh, RS/6000, AS/400, Sun, DEC, HP 9000, Data General, SGl, Unisys, and others.The 3400 Series offers a broad range of models and features to meet any requirement. A comprehensive set of diagnostic tools is built into each drive, including automatic calibration, self test, maintenance reminders, and performance monitoring functions. The digital display gives clear, concise reporting of all drive functions and diagnostics. its advanced features, compact size and rugged all-metal construction make Oualstar’s 3400 Series the tape drive of choice for critical applications worldwide.


Feature Benefit
Autoloading for all reel sizes Reads all half-inch tape sizes
IBM and ANSI compatible tape formats Meets data interchange standards
All metal construction Rugged, rigid tape path
Brushless DC motors Exeptional reliability
Low power Saves energy, reduces heat
Brushless motors Exceptional reliability


Feature Quad* 2 Speed GCR
Pertec Interface 3412 3418
SCSl-2 Single Ended 3412S 3418S
SCSl-2 Differential 3412SD 3418SD
Density Quad Quad
lPS/KBS @ 800 NRZl 62/100 62/100
IPS/KBS @ 1600 PE 125/200 125/200
lPS/KBS @ 3200 DPE 62/200 62/200
lPS/KBS @ 6250 GCR 125/781 62/390, 125/781
Rewind (max.) 400 IPS 400 IPS
*Quad density is 6250/3200/1600/800 BPI. 800 BPI is read only


SCSI-2 Interface:

  • 1.0 MB Cache Buffer, 4 MB/sec Burst
  • Supports Synchronous Data Transfer
  • User Configurable
  • Optional Internal Termination
  • Remote Density Selection


  • Rack Mount
  • Host Adapter
  • Cables
  • Software
  • Extended Warranty

General Specifications:

  • Width: (in/cm) 19.00/48.26
  • Height: (in/cm) 5.25/13.34
  • Depth: (in/cm) 25.20/64.01
  • Weight: (lb/kg) 58/26
  • Voltage: 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC
  • Frequency: 48 – 62 Hz
  • Watts: 200
  • MTBF: 24,000 Hours
  • MTTR: 20 Minutes
  • Warranty: 1 Year