Sunstar Company, Inc.


Media migration

Migrate your business data into the right formats for secured retention and easy access in the future by using Sunstar Company, Inc.

Keeping your company’s data in a secure, current format is a time-consuming and strenuous task, especially since data backup technologies and media formats are constantly evolving.

Migration Services

Migrate your data from tape to disk.

Migrate your data from and older format media (say 9 track or 3590) to LTO or Enterprise media.

We have the ability to migrate your data from most old tape technologies to that current technologies.

Our data migration experts will help you:

  • Understand your regulations and help you design an optimal media migration and retention process
  • Mitigate future auditing and litigation risks by keeping data in an easy-to-access format
  • Avoid disruption of your daily backup practice and unexpected hits to your budget
  • Prepare your must-retain information for insertion into the latest archive and storage systems

To learn more please contact a migration expert  at or call (800) 663-5523