Sunstar Company, Inc.


Nexsan NST6000


Enterprise Classs Unified Hybrid Storage- fully unified, enterprise-class, unified hybrid storage solution that simultaneously supports block and file traffic eliminating the need for organizations to invest in separate SAN and NAS storage systems. The Nexsan NST6000 unified storage system is the newest member of the NST family, offering new high performance controllers and an expanded front-end FASTier™ caching engine connected to efficient E-Series storage arrays of NL-SAS / Performance SAS drives or to compact NST224X storage enclosures of 2.5″ Performance SAS drives.

  • Block: Fibre Channel, iSCSI

  • File: NFS, CIFS, SMB and FTP

  • NestOS storage operating system

  • FASTier Acceleration Technology

  • Multi-Core Xeon CPUs

  • 32 GB Fault-Tolerant FASTier Write Cache

  • Enterprise-class eMLC SSD or SLC SSD

  • Scalable up to 48 SSDs or 19.2 TB

  • 2.5″ 10K SAS HDD

  • 3.5″ 15K SAS, 7200 NL-SAS HDD

  • Scalable up to 5 PB (using NL-SAS drives)

  • Scalable up to 756 TB (using Performance SAS drives)

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