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Nimble Storage’s Adaptive Flash platform is the first storage solution to eliminate the flash performance and capacity tradeoff.

The Adaptive Flash platform is based on Nimble’sCASL™ architecture, and InfoSight™, the company’s data sciences-based approach to the storage lifecycle.

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  • Flexible scaling of storage resources to satisfy the changing demands of business-critical applications
  • Five times greater performance and capacity density than legacy storage systems
  • Up to a 75% reduction in data footprint, and a 10x reduction in datacenter rack space
  • Non-disruptive and independent scaling of performance and capacity, within a single array or a cluster
  • As many as 90 days of hourly snapshots on a single array
  • WAN-efficient replication of snapshot data for disaster recovery
  • Peak storage health driven by powerful data sciences
  • Greater than five nines system uptime

Nimble Storage CS-Series arrays are the building blocks of the Adaptive Flash platform. Nimble arrays deliver performance and capacity efficiency, seamless scalability and clustering, and feature integrated data protection, data sciences-based management, and support.

    • The CS210 and CS215 provide value and performance for small to medium-sized IT organizations or remote offices, for workloads such as Microsoft Exchange and VDI.
    • The CS300 is ideal for midsize IT organizations or distributed sites of larger organizations. It offers the best capacity per $ for workloads like Microsoft applications, VDI, or virtual server consolidation. The CS300 delivers 1.6x more IOPS than the CS215.
    • The CS500 offers advanced performance for larger-scale deployments or IO-intensive workloads, like larger-scale VDI, and Oracle or SQL Server databases, and provides the best performance and IOPS per $. The CS500 achieves 5x the performance of the CS215.
    • The CS700 is designed for consolidating multiple large-scale critical applications with aggressive performance demands. It delivers approximately 7x the IOPS of the CS215.
    • All Nimble Storage arrays support the iSCSI storage protocol. Fibre Channel protocol support is available with the CS300, CS500, and CS700.

    nimble-specs (1)Find out which Nimble Storage array fits your needs.

  • Server Virtualization

    Nimble Storage’s robust integration with VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Linux virtualization helps you virtualize critical applications without having to worry about performance, scalability, or availability. Nimble Storage’s CASL™ architecture has been designed from the ground up to meet the demands of random I/O proliferation prevalent in virtual environments.

    Desktop Virtualization

    Nimble Storage’s Adaptive Flash platform provides cost-effective performance and capacity for virtual desktop (VDI) environments. With a flexible mix of flash and disk storage, Nimble’s CASL™ architecture accelerates both reads and writes for VDI environments. Nimble Storage systems deliver:


    Nimble Storage SmartStack solutions enable organizations to confidently deploy the best solution stack for server virtualization, desktop virtualization (VDI), business critical applications, and data protection.

    Business Applications

    Nimble Storage systems provide a powerful solution for business applications such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, and Sharepoint, by delivering reliable performance, high levels of availability, and integrated data protection.

    Desktop Protection

    Backup and Recovery: Using efficient point-in-time array snapshots, Nimble Storage systems efficiently protect months-worth of data in the storage systems themselves, reducing the load on server, network, and storage resources.

    Disaster Recovery: Nimble Storage systems can efficiently replicate volumes to another array at a recovery site by transferring changed blocks of compressed snapshot data without additional hardware or software licenses. This means disaster recovery is fast, affordable, and easy to manage. Nimble Storage InfoSight not only helps you make sure that replication is operating as expected across sites, but also helps you plan for replication bandwidth as well.


    Popular initiatives like telecommuting, data mining, and green IT have resulted in exponential data growth. Central to these initiatives is virtualization, an attractive choice for lowering CAPEX and OPEX. Nimble Storage solutions provide a powerful platform for federal IT organizations seeking to deploy virtualized environments: They offer performance, efficiency, scalability, and data protection superior to traditional hard disk storage, and have been designed to meet virtualization’s unique demands.

    Big Data

    Nimble Storage’s Adaptive Flash solutions deliver the performance and capacity demanded by Big Data applications. Among their unique benefits:

    Nimble’s Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL™) architecture intelligently allocates flash to satisfy the changing demands of Big Data applications.
    Nimble achieves the highest degree of capacity efficiency through variable-length compression. Nimble delivers greater than “five 9s” availability, giving customers the confidence they need to reduce data copies from 3 to 2.
    Performance and capacity can be scaled independently, and with minimum disruption, reducing the need for additional server nodes (compute).
    Nimble provides maximum data protection for Hadoop environments with frequent snapshots, consistent backups, fast restores and efficient replication for disaster recovery.


    Nimble Storage delivers the ideal solution for cloud service providers, SaaS vendors, and enterprises looking to achieve cloud-like agility. With Nimble’s Storage on Demand pricing, organizations can pay for on-premise storage much in the way they would any utility – based on usage and without the rigidity of a long-term contract.

    Nimble Storage’s Adaptive Flash platform allows storage resources to be intelligently and dynamically allocated to satisfy the mixed workloads common to today’s cloud services. Sophisticated space-saving features reduce datacenter footprint by as much as 75 percent, dramatically decreasing storage and datacenter costs.InfoSight™, Nimble’s cloud-based storage management portal, simplifies storage service management, allowing cloud operators to manage and monitor storage and service levels from a single Web browser.

    More then 350 independent service providers use Nimble’s cloud solutions, taking advantage of their simplicity, efficiency and reliability.

    Nimble delivers these benefits for cloud builders and operators:

    • Pay for the storage you use. Don’t pay for the storage you don’t useNimble’s Storage On Demand takes the guesswork out of buying storage, allowing you to choose a performance level, and pay only for the capacity you use.
    • Get better than 99.999 percent measured system availability. Nimble’s resiliency, data protection, and data recovery features enable cloud builders to launch 24/7 cloud services available even in the event of a disaster.
    • Dramatically reduce your datacenter footprint. The underlying efficiencies of Nimble’s Adaptive Flash platform, together with features like in-line data compression and zero-copy cloning mean that Nimble arrays use as much as 75 percent less space than competing storage solutions, dramatically cutting operating costs.
    • Simplify storage management with InfoSight. Nimble’s cloud-based management portal offers a complete view of all storage resources and monitors service levels from a single Web browser.

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