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  • Scale-to-Fit Flexibility
    CASL allows for the non-disruptive and independent scaling of performance and capacity. This is accomplished by either upgrading the storage controller (compute) for higher throughput, moving to larger flash SSD (cache) to accommodate more active data, or by adding storage shelves to boost capacity. This flexible scaling eliminates the need for disruptive forklift upgrades.
  • Scale Out
    Scale capacity and performance beyond the physical limitations of a single array by seamlessly clustering any combination of Nimble Storage hybrid arrays. Eliminate capacity silos and performance hotspots, and easily manage all hardware resources across the cluster as a single storage entity.

  • With Nimble Storage’s Adaptive Flash platform, it is easy to accommodate application growth by scaling performance, capacity, or both—efficiently and non-disruptively. While the CASL architecture enables seamless, independent scaling, InfoSight’s powerful deep-data analytics deliver precise guidance on the optimal scaling approach to fit the requiremets of critical applications.

    With the Adaptive Flash platform, organizations can:

    • Flexibly scale flash to accomodate a wide variety of application working sets
    • Scale up performance by upgrading compute for greater throughput and IOPS
    • Scale capacity by adding additional HDDs or expansion shelves
    • Scale capacity and performance together by clustering any combination of Nimble Storage arrays

    Nimble Scale

  • Nimble Storage’s scale-out architecture makes it easy to scale capacity and performance beyond the physical limitations of a single array. Any combination of Nimble Storage hybrid arrays can be seamlessly configured into a storage cluster that accomodates growing business-critical workloads and supports new ones, without complicating storage management by creating additional silos or breaking the budget with forklift upgrades.

    Nimble Storage’s innovative approach to scale-out storage dramatically simplifies configuration, upgrades, and management. Benefits include:

    • Single-console management of all storage hardware resources as a single storage entity
    • Dynamic load balancing to eliminate performance hot-spots
    • Multi-array data striping, enabling any application to fully leverage the collective hardware resources of the scale-out group
    • Seamless reconfiguration and hardware refreshes, without downtime
    • Flexible configuration of any combination of Nimble Storage arrays, maximizing storage ROI


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