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Whether you’re a small business or large enterprise, Nimble Storage delivers the right mix of performance and capacity your applications need, at a price you can afford. Engineered for efficiency, Nimble Storage allows you to consolidate storage for multiple workloads onto a single array

Fast and efficient backup/restore and replication functionality also come standard. Our partnership with Microsoft and VMware means you get application-consistent backups and solutions that have been tested and certified.

With Nimble Storage arrays, you can:

  • Boost the performance of all your applications, including Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and VDI, with sub-millisecond latencies
  • Maximize capacity and store more data with inline compression, thin provisioning, and efficient cloning
  • Eliminate silos and scale storage performance and capacity to fit application requirements and budgets by adding compute, cache, or capacity independently and non-disruptively
  • Keep storage and applications up and running with frequent snapshots and consistent backups, fast restores, and efficient replication for disaster recovery
  • Simplify management with push-button deployment, integration with familiar tools such as VMware vCenter, and proactive monitoring
  • Flash Storage Solutions for Server Virtualization

    Nimble Storage’s robust integration with VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Linux virtualization helps you virtualize critical applications without having to worry about performance, scalability, or availability. Nimble Storage’s CASL™ architecture has been designed from the ground up to meet the demands of random I/O proliferation prevalent in virtual environments.

    Nimble Storage delivers these benefits for server virtualization:

    • Price/ Performance: Flash-optimized hybrid storage, inline compression, high-capacity disk, and zero-copy cloning deliver capacity reductions of 30-75 percent
    • Seamless Scaling: Easily scale performance and capacity independently without downtime to meet the demands of growing workloads
    • Business Continuity: High availability and efficient data protection minimize downtime during both local failures and larger site-wide disasters

    Server Virtualization Solutions with Microsoft and VMware

    Nimble Storage server virtualization solutions are deeply integrated with Microsoft and VMware. Learn more:

  • Desktop Virtualization

    Nimble Storage’s Adaptive Flash platform provides cost-effective performance and capacity for virtual desktop (VDI) environments. With a flexible mix of flash and disk storage, Nimble’s CASL™ architecture accelerates both reads and writes for VDI environments. Nimble Storage systems deliver:

    • Adaptive Performance: Performance adapts to boot storms and I/O spikes since the flash cache is populated dynamically
    • Cost-Effective Capacity: Inline compression, high capacity disk, and zero-copy cloning all deliver capacity reductions of up to 75 percent
    • Business Continuity: High availability and integrated data protection minimizes downtime for local failures and larger site-wide disasters
    • Seamless Scaling: Easily scale performance and capacity independently without downtime

  • SmartStack Pre-Validated Reference Architectures

    Every Nimble Storage SmartStack™ solution consists of a pre-validated reference architecture leveraging Nimble Storage hybrid storage arrays and best-of-breed partner solutions. By testing and validating the combined solutions with partners, Nimble Storage helps organizations accelerate deployment and eliminate the risk associated with deploying solutions in the datacenter.

    Nimble Storage SmartStack solutions enable organizations to confidently deploy the best solution stack for server virtualization, desktop virtualization (VDI), business critical applications, and data protection.


    SmartStack Partners
    Nimble Storage SmartStack architectures are a result of close partnerships with best-of-breed ecosystem vendors, including Cisco, Citrix, CommVault, Microsoft, Oracle, andVMware.

  • Nimble Storage Business Applications Solutions

    Nimble Storage systems provide a powerful solution for business applications such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, and Sharepoint, by delivering reliable performance, high levels of availability, and integrated data protection.

    Learn more about Nimble Storage solutions for business applications:

    Microsoft Applications

    • Increase Exchange, SQL, and SharePoint availability and uptime
    • Reduce storage footprint for mailboxes, databases, and files by 30-75%
    • Leverage pre-validated solutions to reduce risk and accelerate deployment

    Oracle Database

    • Accelerate database throughput and cut response time
    • Enable frequent and fast backup, simple recovery, and affordable disaster recovery
    • Accommodate growing database performance and capacity needs
    • Improve time to deployment and reduce dev/test overhead

  • Data Protection Solutions

    Nimble Storage systems efficiently deliver the benefits of primary storage, backup, and disaster recovery systems in an all-inclusive package to provide the ideal foundation for comprehensive data protection.

    And with Nimble Storage InfoSight, you can be confident that your data protection strategy is working as expected through intuitive dashboards and proactive notifications in case of issues.

    Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

    Learn more about Nimble Storage data protection solutions:

    • Backup and Recovery: Using efficient point-in-time array snapshots, Nimble Storage systems efficiently protect months-worth of data in the storage systems themselves, reducing the load on server, network, and storage resources.

    • Disaster Recovery: Nimble Storage systems can efficiently replicate volumes to another array at a recovery site by transferring changed blocks of compressed snapshot data without additional hardware or software licenses. This means disaster recovery is fast, affordable, and easy to manage. Nimble Storage InfoSight not only helps you make sure that replication is operating as expected across sites, but also helps you plan for replication bandwidth as well.

    Strategic Alliances

    Nimble Storage works with these leading ecosystem vendors to provide a comprehensive solution for your data protection needs.

    • Commvault
    • Kroll Ontrack
    • Veeam
    • VMware

  • Storage Solutions for the Federal Datacenter

    Key Benefits

    • Cost-effectively satisfies the performance demands of business-critical applications
    • Rapidly deploys virtual machines and applications, including test/development environments
    • Meets datacenter growth challenges with scale-to-fit storage performance and capacity
    • Popular initiatives like telecommuting, data mining, and green IT have resulted in exponential data growth. Central to these initiatives is virtualization, an attractive choice for lowering CAPEX and OPEX. Nimble Storage solutions provide a powerful platform for federal IT organizations seeking to deploy virtualized environments: They offer performance, efficiency, scalability, and data protection superior to traditional hard disk storage, and have been designed to meet virtualization’s unique demands.