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Boost Storage Capacity and Performance without Increasing Your Footprint

Oracle’s StorageTek T10000C delivers up to 252 MB/sec and 5 TB, native, making it ideal for data center operations with growing data volumes.

  • High 5 TB capacity (uncompressed)
  • 25% more capacity than any other tape drive
  • Up to 252 MB/sec native (uncompressed)
  • Protects your investment with media reuse and broad compatibility
  • Enhances security and ensures data protection with encryption support

    • Archive
    • Backup and recovery
    • Disaster recovery/business continuity
    • Compliance

  • Feature
    5 TB native capacity, 5.5 TB with StorageTek Maximum Capacity
    Maximize existing library footprint by gaining over 3x the storage capacity with fewer slots and cartridges over the competition
    Up to 252 MB/sec native sustained data rate (uncompressed). 240 MB/sec full file host data rate (uncompressed)
    50-70% faster performance dramatically reduces backup windows by 33% or more
    Backward read compatible with StorageTek T10000A and T10000B tape drives
    Optimize media investments by utilizing old and new media side by side
    Large 2 GB buffer cache
    Stream data to the cache to alleviate bottlenecks, improve streaming, and nearly eliminate starts, stops and back-hitching
    Data integrity validation
    CRC checks in the tape drive validate that no data was lost in transfer
    Native FC and FICON compatibility
    Connect natively to both open systems and mainframe.
    StorageTek File Sync Accelerator and StorageTek Tape Application Accelerator
    Reduces starts and stops, improving drive performance and reducing wear on the tape drive and media
    StorageTek Tape Tiering Accelerator
    Drive partitioning facilitates optimal placement of data on tape, such that most often accessed data is fastest to access
    StorageTek In-Drive Reclaim Accelerator
    Allows data to be written in gaps on a tape, minimizing reclaim activity and enabling data to be written over expired data


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