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Data is exploding across the digital universe. With long-term retention requirements and often limited budgets, businesses need scalable, cost-effective solutions to store and protect rapidly growing amounts of data.

StrongBox delivers the most cost-effectively scalable solution for storage and protection of your unstructured, fixed content. It shatters the perception that tape storage is offline or slow by combining cutting-edge technologies for a storage solution that delivers the performance of disk with the economics of tape.

Keep everything, forever

Meet performance requirements for data availability

Stay in control of your data – files are readable by any LTFS-enabled drive

Reduce TCO by up to 84%



StrongBox is a simple-to-use network attached storage (NAS) appliance that leverages intelligent disk caching along with the economics of tape to help you beat long-term storage challenges while keeping costs low. StrongBox uses Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology along with intelligent, policy-driven data management for flexible performance that keeps every file accessible, all the time.

No proprietary agents are required to read data stored with StrongBox. LTO 5 or 6 media can be ejected from the library and read by any LTFS-enabled drive. This solves the problem of proprietary restrictions on stored data and ensures the availability of your information for many years to come.


Multi-petabyte scalability at a low cost

StrongBox solves the challenge of meeting expansive storage requirements with limited budget. The system cost-effectively scales as requirements grow. And unlike Cloud or disk storage, StrongBox allows you to control costs at a fixed rate*, with no hefty upcharges or forklift upgrades.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

By leveraging tape along with intelligent caching, StrongBox provides long-term preservation with the lowest cost per gigabyte in an online storage solution. StrongBox harnesses the low operating cost of tape, reducing long-term power costs by up to 95 percent.


Protect data automatically

Storing data is basic, but accessing it in time if need is the key to a successful storage strategy. Built-in protection features ensure that your content is safe and secure, reliably accessible when needed. You can set automated policies to:

  • Create copies of data on multiple, separate pieces of tape media.
  • Export LTO media from the library for offsite vaulting.
  • Replicate data over a WAN for multi-site access.

How does StrongBox work?

Data can be saved to StrongBox via simple drag-and-drop from a standard file share. The system transparently manages data from the internal disk to the external LTO/LTFS media, based on user-set policies. Data is always protected on tape, but can also be prefetched to the disk cache for rapid access during critical periods such as yearend or for a special project.

  • Flexible plug-and-play deployment
  • Vendor-neutral – requires no specific software or hardware
  • Supports LTO 6, LTO 5 and IBM TS1140 drives
  • Supports CIFS or NFS file shares
  • Supports up to 1.6 billion files across more than 35 petabytes of usable capacity
  • Connects to an LTFS library using SAS or Fibre Channel
  • Purpose-built for large-format files, fixed content and unstructured data such as audio, video, imaging, scientific data, educational records, government, HPC datasets and more