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Imation debuted the Nexsan E32V – an expansion of our E-Series V storage array family. The E32V is a 32-bay enclosure for 2.5″ hard drives and solid state drives that requires just 2U of rack space, bringing new value to datacenter professionals that require the very highest storage performance within a small footprint. 
The E32V is a perfect fit for entry-level storage consolidation that requires high availability, high performance and business continuity without sacrificing ease of use and reliability. It also is ideal for small-block transactional workloads like SQL Server, Oracle, Exchange, SharePoint and more. With configurations available using 600GB, 900GB and 1.2TB 2.5″ 10K drives and 200GB and 400GB SSDs, users can mix and match drives within a single E32V to handle different application needs in true hybrid storage fashion, just as they can with any other E-Series V solution.
The E32V is the latest offering in Imation’s Nexsan E-Series V family of storage arrays and expansion units, which are known for offering mid-size organizations affordable, enterprise-level Fibre Channel, SAS and/or iSCSI SAN storage for a variety of capacity-optimized and performance-driven applications. E-Series V solutions have proven themselves to be ultra-reliable, high-density, high performance and efficient, enabling organizations to lower their content storage costs, maximize storage uptime and boost data storage ROI. E-Series V systems can be deployed as either a versatile SAN or DAS solution to stay ahead of enormous data growth, demanding workloads and high resiliency requirements, such as those found in sectors like media and entertainment, government, health care, HPC, financial services, surveillance and others.

The Nexsan E-Series E32V is a dense, highly reliable and efficient storage array – offering array-based snapshots, asynchronous replication and many features including Active Drawer Technology with hot swappable drives, and an Anti Vibration design to maximise disk lifespan and reliability. The E32V has up to 4GB of cache per controller and supports:

  • 8Gb Fibre Channel
  • 16Gb Fibre Channel
  • 6Gb SAS
  • 10Gb SCSI
  • 1Gb iSCSI.

The E32V can support up to 32 x 2½” drives of mixed type and capacity in 2U of rack space, offering up to 38.4TB of raw capacity per chassis. It can also be expanded with up to two expansion chassis (E32X**) providing up to 115.2TB of raw capacity in 6U.

To learn more about the Nexsan E Series V and other Nexsan storage offerings, please contact sales at or call 310.330.2900