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Consider the Dot Hill AssuredSAN™ 4000 SAN storage arrays for your storage needs.

Offering up to 6400 MB/s sequential reads, and 5300 MB/s sequential writes.

Designed with a powerful processor, these SAN storage systems are tuned for sequential workloads.

Ideal data storage solutions for high performance computing, oil and gas siesmic data analysis, telecommunications data capture, media streaming, video post-production editing, and broadcasting.

Host Connections

  • 4 ports per controller, 8 for dual controller models
  • 16Gb, 8Gb Fibre Channel, 12Gb, 6Gb SAS, and 10Gb, 1Gb iSCSI host connectivity

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The Dot Hill Ultra48 packs 48 SSD’s or HDD’s into a small 2U space. While other vendors offer ‘cheap and deep’ solutions, this array is designed for performance intensive applications that rely on high-performance small form factor drives.

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Capacity, Power Savings and Space Savings

The industry-first Dot Hill ultra-density chassis houses nearly 58 terabytes of data on small form factor 2.5-inch hard disk drives (HDD), while utilizing 23% less power in an efficient 2U footprint. For high performance transaction workloads, the array can support any combination of solid state drives (SSD) and HDD drives in the same enclosure. This footprint also reduces weight by 25%, which is critical in crowded data center environments.

Speeds and Feeds

The Ultra48 AssuredSAN storage solutions are designed specifically for high-performance throughput applications, delivering up to 6400 MB/s sustained reads and 5300 MB/s writes in a single enclosure; this configuration delivers more performance across a range of vertical markets and traditional data center environments. In doing so, Dot Hill effectively doubles the throughput performance achievable in a data center cabinet.

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