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We all need to backup our data.

Organizations and Corporations can not “live by hope” alone.

Scrambling to find hard copies is no longer an option. We do not print all the documents that we receive by email.

But where and how should backup? Are you comfortable with your present backup process?

Consider Unitrends.

Unitrends has a plethora of purpose-built data protection products for unmatched backup, archiving, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

Their offerings include:

  • Physical appliances
  • Virtual appliances
  • Software
  • Cloud storage
  • DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

The table below compares a high-level comparative overview of Unitrends products. To learn more about each offering simply follow the links above to the appropriate section.


Recovery-Series ***


Physical Appliance Virtual (Hyper-V and VMware)
Deep Virtual (Hyper-V and VMware)
Physical (100+ Versions)
Converged (Cisco UCS)
Unitrends Enterprise Backup Virtual Appliance Virtual (Hyper-V and VMware)
Deep Virtual (Hyper-V and VMware)
Physical (100+ Versions)
Converged (Cisco UCS)
Unitrends Virtual Backup Virtual Appliance Virtual (XenServer)
ReliableDRTM Windows Software Virtual (VMware & Hyper-V)
Unitrends Cloud Public Cloud Recovery-Series
Unitrends Enterprise Backup

Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite- a suite consisting of Unitrends Enterprise Backup, Unitrends Virtual Backup, and ReliableDR for one affordable price.

*** Most popular

Let us assist you to find the right solution that will fit your needs for now and in the future.

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Data storage compliance and corporate governance regulations are having a tremendous impact on the storage organization, as well as the management practices employed to retain, search, certify and destroy data.

It’s not just the major regulations, like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which influence storage — there are well over 10,000 regulations that affect data storage,…

Tested Backup and Archive Solutions are imperative in the world we live in.

Sunstar Company, Inc

Disk is typically easier to access than tape, but doing so does requires some effort.

With disk, the data is usually not encrypted because it does not change hands that often (though disk-based encryption is quickly becoming standard). If the backup is unencrypted, it is possible to retrieve a single identified item or group of items without restoring the entire backup, making it far superior to tape for finding data.

This is yet another reason why information management professionals and counsel must be prepared for the possibility of disk backups coming under the scope of reasonably accessible sources for discovery.

Tape restoration costs can slightly surpass those of disk. Tape requires more resources because it creates contention in the data center’s bandwidth as backups are continuing to write simultaneous to the restoration process.

Further, if an organization no longer has the hardware or resources to restore legacy data, it may need to engage an outside provider.

While the contention issue goes away with disk use, such restoration still requires a location for the restored data to be written to, such as a disk array or other hardware.

Restoring from disk is typically faster than restoring from tape as well.


At some point in time a backup solution will be deployed in all organizations. Sure there is a wide choice of offerings and we are not just talking about disk or tape.  For the most part a number of vendors are required for a backup solution to be deployed.

More likely both software and hardware will be required. This works but what we at Sunstar have learned over the years that in time, more challenges arise. Operating Systems get updated or changed, hardware is replaced and then there is the added headache that support must be available from both the software and hardware vendor.

It is for these reasons that many of our clients have opted to an “all in one” solution.  Unitrends is one of our “go to vendors” when a client will best be suited by an all in solution.

  • Unitrends delivers award-winning business recovery solutions for any IT environment.
  • The company’s portfolio of virtual, physical, and cloud solutions provides adaptive protection for organizations globally.
  • To address the complexities facing today’s modern data center, Unitrends delivers end-to-end protection and instant recovery of all virtual and physical assets as well as automated disaster recovery testing built for virtualization.
  • Unitrends’ offerings are backed by a customer support team that consistently achieves a 98 percent satisfaction rating.

Contact us at (800) 663-5523 for assistance, we will size the appropriate solution for your company.

Recovery-Series family features include:

  • All-in-one integrated appliance models with AES-NI hardware encryption, scaling from 1TB to 97TB of raw storage, 8GB to 256GB memory, and 2 to 16 CPU cores.
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)—1st integrated appliance (1U and larger) to include variable sized solid-state drives (SSDs) as a 2nd-layer read cache. As more backups are processed and replicated, data is cached in SSD cache, speeding up read requests and increasing data I/O.
  • Recovery assurance including the industry’s only Windows VM and physical server instant recovery capability coupled with hypervisor-level instant recovery and auditing via the ReliableDR add-on.
  • Virtualization, deep virtualization, physical, and unified compute protection for over 100 versions of applications, operating systems, servers, and storage.
  • Unitrends Bridge Convert physical systems to virtual systems, vSphere or Hyper-V, in a single click to external virtualization hosts.
  • Unified Bare Metal One-pass dissimilar bare metal capability that performs both bare metal as well as granular file-level backup.
  • NDMP Backup and NAS Backup Optional NDMP NAS Protection provides enhanced storage integration for EMC and NetApp NAS devices with simplified backup management, improved performance, while maintaining access control lists (ACLs) on recovered files.
  • Cloud-empowered disaster recovery and business continuity your way—via ourUnitrends Cloud which offers No Limits Cloud storage with strict RTO SLAs and DRaaSfor Windows and VMware. But we don’t lock you in—we offer cloud disaster recovery even via third-party cloud solutions with our CloudHook functionality supporting Amazon, Google, Dropbox and many more.
  • Granular disaster recovery via local archiving—D2D2x (Disk-to-Disk-to-Any) including rotational disk, rotational tape, fixed SAN, and fixed NAS—so that you can build WAN bandwidth-saving disaster recovery and business continuity policies.
  • Our Pledge free hardware forever policy included with any 3 or 5 year support plan.
  • Predictive analytics that monitors and predicts hardware and software failures before they occur.

Right-size your appliance to fit your exact business needs, from the remote office to the enterprise. Choose from a granular family of Recovery-Series appliances that easily scale up and scale out as your business grows.

Raw Capacity (TB)
Backup Capacity (TB)
U Height

Do you have a defection Quantum Super DLT Tape Drive that needs to get Repaired?

We at Sunstar Company, Inc repair all the models listed below. Many of these drives have been discontinued for years, however we have spare parts and in some cases replacement drives ready to ship.

Sunstar Company repairs all tape drives. Standalone or library drives are repaired, tested and shipped with warranty:

Please call us at (800) 663-5523 or  contact us online for a quote. All our drives ship with a warranty.
Drive Capacity (GB) Interface Data Rate (MB/s)
DLT8000 40 Fast/Wide SCSI-2 6
SDLT 220 110 Ultra-2-Wide SCSI 11
SDLT 320 160 Ultra-2-Wide SCSI 16
SDLT 600 300 Ultra-160 SCSI/FC 2Gb 36
SDLT 600A 300 GbE (FTP, HTTP) 36
DLT-S4 800 Ultra-320 SCSI/FC 4Gb/SAS 60
DLT-S4A 800 GbE (FTP, HTTP) 60

  • Do you know if all your files are in the “backup” or archive?
  • Is there a copy of all your flies at your remote site?
  • What is the health (integrity) of your files at each site?
  • If they are different which one is correct?

Imation’s Nexsan Assureon will allow your Data Center Manager to state with confidence that “your archived data is safe and has integrity”.

To learn more about the Assureon, please call (800) 663-5523, and yes we can guarantee the integrity of your data.

Offered in shrink-wrapped packages based on an integrated, scalable architecture, the Unitrends Appliances offer flexible deployment options and No Limits Licensing™, giving you maximum protection at the industry’s lowest TCO.

Supporting 100+ versions of computers, storage devices, operating systems, hypervisors and applications, work alone or in tandem with Unitrends Enterprise Backup virtual appliances, and can extend from on-premise to second site or cloud environments.

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All-in-One Backup Appliance:  

Purpose-built physical backup appliances for enterprise-class virtual, deep virtual, physical protection, and unified computer protection.

RC833 To learn more, call 800.663.5523 or contact us online at Sunstar Company, Inc

Raw Storage (TB)
Maximum Backup (TB)


Active Archive Is the Lifeboat

We all need to protect our data. Businesses typically have to back it up, and there are hundreds of backup solutions out there. Why then, do so many storage administrators say that managing backup data is their biggest challenge? As data continues to grow, content is lodged in backup cycles, increasing backup windows and spurring the need for more storage and data protection investments. A significant percentage of enterprise data likely won’t be accessed again after it is first created.   

The solution? An active archive with built-in data protection, offload data from primary storage and reduce backup!


  1. Backup – Copies of current, changing data saved in case of emergency
  2. Archive – Copies of fixed content stored for long-term retention or compliance
  3. Active Archive – Seamless tiered storage which gives access to data across a virtualized file system and migrates data between multiple storage systems and media types as appropriate

Backup and archive are not synonymous, but active archiving can have a huge impact on your backup, leaving a much smaller amount of data that requires routine backups.

There is not magic formula for reducing data center costs; it takes a strategic implementation of the right tools with continual optimization of the infrastructure. By moving infrequently accessed data into a protected archive, users can reduce the volume of data stored on expensive primary storage, thus reducing the amount of data that has to be protected during full backup windows.

Many active archives are constructed with hybrid storage technologies, such as flash, disk and tape.  While disk or flash provides the “active” data access, tape delivers low-cost, ultra-scalable storage. LTO tape is one of the most reliable storage mediums available, lasting 6 times longer than typical disk life spans. With an active archive, you could essentially have data stored on disk for fast access, while a copy always remains on a protected tape layer. Additional system policies or features like hash coding, media integrity checks and restricted access all bolster tape-enabled archiving’s appeal for data protection and longevity.

Additionally, storing files in an active archive can dramatically improve recovery times. Unlike offline backups, active archive data is available all the time. With client-level connectivity, there is no need for a storage administrator to manually retrieve offline data or recall physical media from offsite.

Plain and simple: Stop backing up fixed content. Store and protect it in an active archive instead.

While every data center has different needs, we can all agree that shorter, simpler backups would cause even the most organized IT director to breathe a little easier. Watch your total costs for data storage and protection decrease as your environment operates without the latencies and complexities of overburdened backups.

Available from Sunstar Company. To learn more about backup and archiving technologies, please call (310) 330-2900 or contact us online 

We have heard it before, tape is dead and that the next generation of disk drives will eliminate the need for tape. The explosion of data re-assures all of us that we must rely on tape. The good news, tape technology has improved significantly, the tape drive of yester year is not at all like the tape drive today.

Tape is expected to continue to have a role in archival storage and back-up for many years. This opinion is held by many industry analysts and supported through continued investments by major manufacturers.

Information Technology managers understand that tape is a cost effective method for archive and off-site backup requirements, both in terms of price per gigabyte of storage and power consumption. Tape is an important part of their overall storage strategy, working in cooperation with hard disk systems. But IT managers can find it difficult to get quality service for their installed tape devices as computer suppliers and systems integrators move too quickly towards hard disk storage.

We at Sunstar provide direct support for some of the largest manufacturers of the technology and take pride in our expertise. 

Tape drive repair by format: 
  • LTO, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4. LTO5 and LTO6  (Full height & ½ height drives, standalone or for library, all manufacturers)
  • StorageTek T10000, T9940 and T9840
  • IBM Enterprise Drives, 3592, T1120, T1130 and T1140
  • IBM 3590
  • 3480, 3490 and 3490E
  • DLT and SDLT 
  • Sony AIT and SAIT 
  • 9 Track, 18 track and 36 Track
  • 4mm and 8MM
Tape Drive Repair By Manufacturer:
  • IBM
  • HP
  • StorageTek (all)
  • SpectraLogic
  • ADIC
  • Quantum
  • Exabyte
  • Dell
  • Tandberg Data
  • Sony
  • Sun
  • Oracle

Contact us (800) 663-5523 or online to make the appropriate arrangements

Sunstar Company  has a long history in Backup & Recovery. 

Our Backup, Replication & Archive solutions give customers control over their evolving business by delivering total protection, recovery and availability for data centers, remote offices, applications and data. 

We continue to help organisations protect their most valuable asset. From basic backup and recovery solutions to highly resilient data replication infrastructures, we can help deliver against any Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO), from hours to seconds. 

We currently deploy solutions around: 

  • Backup, Recovery & Archive to Disk & Tape
  • Cloud Backup, Public, Private and Hybrid
  • Disk to Disk to Tape Backup Solutions
  • Virtual Tape Library Infrastructures
  • Traditional Tape Automation Infrastructures
  • Vendor Independent Data Replication Solutions
  • Continuous Data Replication Solutions for SAN, NAS & DAS based applications

Choosing the right software 

Our ability to understand and work through backup requirements allows our customers to have confidence in their data protection systems, knowing that they have a partner and a solution that they can depend upon.

Drawing our our extensive knowledge and experience we can  provides a complete strategy to manage backup, recovery and availability across diverse platforms, applications and storage devices.

Choosing the right hardware

Sunstar delivers technically innovative tape library and disk based backup systems designed to solve specific customer issues.

Our approach is an independent, consultative one. It is important for our team of account managers and storage architects to fully understand our customer’s requirements before any backup hardware solution is proposed. Our goal is always to augment and improve existing infrastructures, therefore preserving investments already made in data storage.

To learn more about backup, recovery and replication,  please contact sales at or call (800) 663-5523

Backup is usually a routine part of the operation of large businesses, the retrieval of files backed up is called restore. Backup to disk, tape, other media or cloud.

The process of copying files or databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. 

  • Unitrends : Fast, reliable back up and restoration of files and folders. All Unitrends appliances use disk-to-disk technology to provide greater speed and reliability than tape-based systems.
  • SpectraLogic : Large-scale, long-term storage and archive solutions utilizing automated tape libraries and disk systems will protect your data efficiently and securely.
  • Overland Storage : Long term backup and archiving solutions; tape libraries and VTL offerings.
  • Oracle – StorageTek : Oracle’s proven StorageTek tape and library solutions help you manage complexity, control costs, and deliver on service-level agreements
  • IBM : The IBM portfolio includes tape drives and libraries that take advantage of LTF along with numerous disk solutions.
  • Duracell Cloud Storage: Unlimted backup to the cloud. Duracell cost can cost less than cloud services that offer just a fraction of our 3 in 1 cloud service.

To learn more about Backup, please contact sales at or call (800) 663-5523