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Sunstar Company can help with the movement of your data!

At some point in time a business will choose to take advantage of more efficient storage technologies. The result; move physical blocks of data from one tape or disk to another, often using virtualization techniques.

The data format and content itself will not usually be changed in the process and can normally be achieved with minimal or no impact to the layers above.

Database migration

It may be necessary to move from one database vendor to another, or to upgrade the version of database software being used. The latter case is less likely to require a physical data migration, but this can happen with major upgrades. In these cases a physical transformation process may be required since the underlying data format can change significantly. This may or may not affect behavior in the applications layer, depending largely on whether the data manipulation language or protocol has changed – but modern applications are written to be agnostic to the database technology so that a change from Sybase, MySQL, DB2 or SQL Server to Oracle should only require a testing cycle to be confident that both functional and non-functional performance has not been adversely affected.

Application migration

Changing application vendor – for instance a new CRM or ERP platform – will inevitably involve substantial transformation as almost every application or suite operates on its own specific data model. Further, to allow the application to be sold to the widest possible market, commercial off-the-shelf packages are generally configured for each customer using metadata. Application programming interfaces (APIs) are supplied to protect the integrity of the data they have to handle. Use of the API is normally a condition of the software warranty, although a waiver may be allowed if the vendor’s own or certified partner professional services and all tools are used.

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Migrate your business data into the right formats for secured retention and easy access in the future by using Sunstar Company, Inc.

Keeping your company’s data in a secure, current format is a time-consuming and strenuous task, especially since data backup technologies and media formats are constantly evolving.

Migration Services

Migrate your data from tape to disk.

Migrate your data from and older format media (say 9 track or 3590) to LTO or Enterprise media.

We have the ability to migrate your data from most old tape technologies to that current technologies.

Our data migration experts will help you:

  • Understand your regulations and help you design an optimal media migration and retention process
  • Mitigate future auditing and litigation risks by keeping data in an easy-to-access format
  • Avoid disruption of your daily backup practice and unexpected hits to your budget
  • Prepare your must-retain information for insertion into the latest archive and storage systems

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Sunstar Company, Inc can help you with your data extraction, conversion, copying, media transfer.

Services Provided: Systems Migration    Duplication:    Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity    Litigation Discovery

Data Migration is the process of moving static or preexisting long-term retention data to a newer technology. This involves the moving of data on specific media one or a combination of disk or tape technologies. The process and issues are largely dictated by the platforms and applications involved. Why migrate data? To take full advantage of newer technologies and your investment in them, it is necessary to port your older data to such new storage platforms.

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