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New and re-certified IBM TS1140 Tape Drives ready to ship: For your library or in a stand alone configuration.

  • Linear Serpentine recording
  • 4 TB capacity using JC/JY media
  • 1.6 TB capacity using JB/JX media
  • 500 GB capacity using JK media
  • 800 MBps burst data rate
  • Compact 3.8 in x 7.8 in x 18.4 in dimensions  

TS1140 Tape DriveThe IBM TS1140:

  • Offers high performance and high capacity tape processing for storage consolidation
  • Helps enhance information security with support for encryption and key management
  • Improves information retention with support for existing IBM tape automation
  • Supports Write Once Read Many (WORM) cartridges to help satisfy compliance requirements


Please note that we repair your defective IBM Enterprise Drives (all 3592 models) and should you need a unit today rushed out to you we can accommodate your requirement. Call (800) 663-5523 and we will work with you.

The IBM System Storage TS1140 Tape Drive features storage capabilities to help you establish easy, rapid access to data, improve security, provide long-term retention, and help maintain data governance and regulatory compliance. The TS1140 tape drive offers high-performance flexible data storage with support for data encryption. The drive can help you protect your investments in tape automation by offering compatibility with existing automation.

The TS1140 tape drive supports the System Storage TS3500 Tape Library and IBM racks that enable stand-alone installation.


The TS1140 features three options for Type C media. The 3592 Advanced data tape cartridge, JC, provides up to 4.0 TB native capacity, and up to 4.0 TB are provided by the 3592 Advanced WORM cartridge, JY. A limited capacity of up to 500 GB Economy cartridge, JK, offers fast access to data. The TS1140 tape drive can also read and write on previous media, type B (JB and JX), and read only on type A (JA, JW, JJ and JR).