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Nexsan E60

Nexsan E60VT is a super dense RAID array that supports 60 Drives in 4U, choice of controllers, single or dual.

Ideal for unstructured data, backup ballooning data growth. Designed with energy conservation in mind.

Choice of connectivity: 

  • 8GB Fibre
  • 16GB Fibre
  • 10GbE iSCSI
  • 6GB SAS

Expansion: Easy with the E60X (Max 2), Supporting a total of 180 Drives in under 12U.

Choice of Drives: SSD, SAS 15K, SAS 10K, NL-SAS 7.2K

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Reliable High Density Storage Arrays Turbocharged for High Performance

Sunstar Company, Inc

The Nexsan E-Series V is an ultra-reliable, high-density, high performance, efficient storage array that enables lower storage costs, maximum storage uptime, and data storage ROI boosts for your organization. E-Series V systems consume less than one-third of the power in one-third of the rack space of typical arrays, with up to 240 terabytes of capacity in just 4U and now offers 400% more memory and 50% increased CPU speed over the E-SeriesTM.

The E-Series V is offered in four core configurations: E60VT (240 TB in 4U), E48VT (192 TB in 4U), E32V (38.4 TB in 2U, all 2.5″ drives), and E18V (72 TB in 2U). Each can be easily expanded with additional capacity by adding the corresponding expansion unit: E60XV, E48XV, E32XV, or E18XV.

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