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Can you afford to loose your data?

None of us wish to loose data, and hopefully we backup our data on a regular basis. For many of us we find that we tend to be backing up the same data time and time again,

Ask yourself the following. How much of your Corporate Data changes be it on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? For many of us not that much?

Surely if we archive this data, data that has not changed in a long time, we should be able to achieve the following:

  1. Know that we can retrieve this “stagnant” data at any time should we need to review it.
  2. Free up capacity on our primary storage.
  3. Reduce the backup.

This applies if you need to archive unstructured data, or just old data that is never looked at, or those “old” emails.

There are a number of offerings to consider from Sunstar Company.

  1. Archive to disk – a truce archive such as the Nexsan Assureon.
  2. Archive to disk or tape – Crossroads StrongBox
  3. Archive email to Barracuda’s Message Archiver (physical appliance) or take advantage of Archive One (software), now a Barracuda Company.

We have experience with all these solutions. Please reach out to us here at Sunstar Company to learn more: Call (800) 663-5523



Imation’s Nexsan Assureon archive system, available from Sunstar Company, Inc. is a complete, turn-key archiving solution for fixed content data like document archiving, email archiving, medical/PACS archiving and the general archiving of all unstructured data.

All local and remote Assureon online archive systems can be managed from a web browser within a single-pane-of-glass. The web-based GUI makes it easy to create retention rules and associate them with files and folders. Once installed onto the Windows Servers and configured, the Assureon Windows Client copies or moves files onto Assureon leaving a small shortcut file behind, so user access to the file remains the same. Hyper-speed restores are available by using the shortcuts for immediate access as files are restored in the background.

Users are authenticated with Active Directory or with digital certificates to ensure they can only get to files for which they are authorized. Audit trails report on user’s activities such as file accesses and denials. Legal holds can be easily placed on any set of files, overriding their original retention periods.

Individual users do not change how they work as the archiving is transparent to them. Files and folders, though offloaded, appear to be in the same familiar locations thanks to the shortcut files that are left behind. Once archived, prior versions of files are available with the right click of the user’s mouse in Windows Explorer. A web-based GUI makes it easy to search the entire archive with role-based restrictions. All existing applications work unaltered with Assureon because there are no special APIs required.


Each time a file is saved, it is fingerprinted so its history and contents cannot be altered after the fact. This write-once, read many time (WORM) storage architecture is part of how Assureon meets even the strictest regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, SOX and SEC17.


Two copies of all files, along with their fingerprints, are stored on separate RAID disk sets. Two Assureon systems can be replicated to each other to protect against a site failure. Files are continually verified against their fingerprint, automatically repaired by their copies, and safeguarded by RAID disk arrays to ensure the utmost file protection and integrity. Native active/active replication protects against site disasters with automatic failover, while delivering increased performance over active/passive systems.

The Assureon data archive system supports both compliant and non-compliant policies simultaneously while competitors require two systems to be purchased in order to provide both. All files can optionally be encrypted with AES-256. The built-in key manager ensures that all keys are safely stored in 3 locations worldwide. Industry-leading single point deletion technology permits Assureon to effectively delete all copies of a file worldwide by destroying the file’s encryption key.


Multi-tenancy features enable service providers to offer archive-as-a-service. This also allows large organizations to achieve strict separation of departments or projects. An on-premise Assureon disk archive can replicate to a cloud-based archive service, which is powered by Assureon.

To learn more please contact Sunstar sales online: Phone: 800.663.5523 or 310.330.2900