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What is Unified Storage?

Often we at Sunstar Company are asked by prospective clients questions such as, “can you tell me the difference between SAN, NAS and Unified Storage?”

A simple explanation about Block and File Storage and the different connectivity options often suffice.

The looming questions, what about unified?”

Unified Storage is a storage system that makes it possible to run and manage files and applications from a single device.

Also unified storage system consolidates file-based and block-based access in a single storage platform.

Connectivity: Ideally Fibre Channel SAN, Ethernet and IP-based SAN (iSCSI) is supported. .

End Result: Block and File Storage, SAN and NAS in a single chassis.

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Nexsan E48

The Nexsan E48VT SAN storage solutions deliver efficiency and ease-of-use to help mid-market organizations add more capacity while lowering overall power, space and cost requirements. Innovative ease-of-use functionality makes deploying and managing storage as simple as possible for the resource constrained IT administrator.

The E48VT delivers density and power efficiency for the smallest storage footprint by consuming less than one third the power in one third the rack space as typical storage arrays. 

The Nexsan E-Series V is an ultra-reliable, high-density, high performance, efficient storage array that enables lower storage costs, maximum storage uptime, and data storage ROI boosts for your organization. E-Series V systems consume less than one-third of the power in one-third of the rack space of typical arrays, with up to 360 terabytes of capacity in just 4U and now offers 400% more memory and 50% increased CPU speed over the E-SeriesTM.

The  E48VT (288 TB in 4U) can be easily expanded with additional capacity by adding E48XV

Drives: SSD, SAS and NL-SAS

E-Series V Key Benefits

  • Reliability – features Anti-Vibration Design and Cool Drive TechnologyTM.
  • Availability – uses Active Drawer TechnologyTM and redundant hot swappable active components.
  • Density – 48 drives in 4U., 96 drives in 8U and 144 drives in 12U
  • High Performance – utilizes Imation’s latest multi RAID engine controller technology.
  • Energy Efficient – delivers up to 87% reduction in power while lowering your cooling needs through the use of AutoMAID®.
  • Flexible Connectivity – connects via SAS, Fibre Channel or iSCSI.
  • Easy to Manage – remotely manage one or many systems within a single, intuitive GUI.

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