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Imation’s Nexsan® NST combines high performance, high capacity and innovative FASTier® caching technology to provide scalable performance for mixed application workloads and virtualized environments.
  • Fulfills changing application and storage needs with unified NAS and SAN access capabilities in a single hybrid solution
  • Lets you right-size your initial acquisition by scaling storage, performance, or both as your company grows
  • Compresses data to reduce its storage system footprint and improve write efficiency to cache and storage
  • Mid-range: NST4000 Hybrid Storage Appliance

    It’s a breakthrough: for the first time, Imation’s Nexsan NST4000 puts enhanced FASTier caching and Fibre Channel unified connectivity in reach of mid-range businesses. 

    • System capacities up to 2.1PB 
    • Ideal for mixed workloads, critical applications
    • SAN: FC and iSCSI protocols
    • NAS: CIFS, NFS, and FTP protocols

  • Entry & Mid-range: NST5000 Hybrid Storage Appliance

    Imation’s Nexsan NST5000 combines a full enterprise-class feature set with FASTier hybrid caching to deliver high-value unified storage to your data center.

    • System capacities up to 1.4 PB
    • Ideal for mixed workloads, critical applications
    • SAN: iSCSI protocol
    • NAS: CIFS, NFS, and FTP protocols

  • High-end: NST6000 Hybrid Storage Appliance

    Highly scalable up to 5PB, Imation’s Nexsan NST6000 with FASTier hybrid caching is ideal for organizations seeking greater capacity for extreme data growth or greater performance for applications.

    • System capacities up to 5PB
    • Ideal for larger data sets, mixed workloads, critical applications
    • iSCSI, NAS, FC protocol
    • SAN: FC and iSCSI protocols
    • NAS: CIFS, NFS, and FTP protocols

  • High-Availability: Metro Storage Cluster Hybrid Appliance

    In the event of failure or disaster, Imation’s Nexsan Metro Storage Cluster with FASTier hybrid caching enables your storage to keep serving applications and clients, both on and off campus, with no downtime and zero loss of data.

    • System capacities up to 5PB
    • Cluster using direct/switched connections to distances up to 10 KM
    • SAN: iSCSI protocol
    • NAS: CIFS, NFS, and FTP protoc

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Available from Sunstar Company, Inc:

Nexsan E-Series V

Reliable High Density Storage Arrays Turbocharged for High Performance

The Nexsan E-Series V is an ultra-reliable, high-density, high performance, efficient storage array that enables lower storage costs, maximum storage uptime, and data storage ROI boosts for your organization. E-Series V systems consume less than one-third of the power in one-third of the rack space of typical arrays, with up to 240 terabytes of capacity in just 4U and now offers 400% more memory and 50% increased CPU speed over the E-SeriesTM.

The E-Series V is offered in three core configurations: E60VT (240 TB in 4U), E48VT (192 TB in 4U), and E18V (72 TB in 2U). Each can be easily expanded with additional capacity by adding the corresponding expansion unit: E60XV, E48XV, or E18XV.

E-Series V Key Benefits

  • Reliability – features Anti-Vibration Design and Cool Drive TechnologyTM.
  • Availability – uses Active Drawer TechnologyTM and redundant hot swappable active components.
  • Density – up to 60 drives in 4U.
  • High Performance – utilizes Imation’s latest multi RAID engine controller technology.
  • Energy Efficient – delivers up to 87% reduction in power while lowering your cooling needs through the use of AutoMAID®.
  • Flexible Connectivity – connects via SAS, Fibre Channel or iSCSI.
  • Easy to Manage – remotely manage one or many systems within a single, intuitive GUI.

Optimize Your Capacity Needs Now & Expand in the Future

The E-Series V storage arrays and expansion units offer mid-size organizations affordable enterprise-level Fibre Channel, SAS and/or iSCSI SAN storage used for a variety of capacity-optimized and performance-driven applications.

For larger organizations, E-Series V is a versatile SAN or DAS solution to stay ahead of the enormous data growth, demanding workloads, and high resiliency requirements in media & entertainment, government, healthcare, HPC, financial, surveillance and service provider sectors.

Turbocharge Your Performance for Ultra-Fast Write Speed

E-Series V features an advanced active/active controller design, including use of a dedicated hardware engine, or “turbocharger”, which accelerates RAID parity generation and doubles the sequential write performance over the prior version of E-Series. The turbocharged E-Series V is ideal for back-up and recovery applications and continuous data streaming bulk storage applications.

Achieve More Efficiency in Higher Density Than Typical Arrays

Organizations deploying E-Series V san storage arrays can mix and match capacity-optimized HDDs and performance-optimized HDDs and SSDs to meet performance and capacity needs. E-Series V arrays consume less than one-third of the power in one-third of the rack space of typical arrays, with up to 240 terabytes of capacity in just one 4U, and up to a total of 720 TB in a fully-scaled, 12U configuration.

With E-Series V systems, you can engage Nexsan AutoMAID® disk management capabilities to reduce power consumption by up to 87%, lowering operating expenses and extending the overall life of the system.

Ensure Your Data Is Protected with Qualified, Reliable Design

The E-Series V storage array exceeds the most stringent reliability demands, leveraging an innovative hardware design including Cool Drive TechnologyTM and anti-vibration design that significantly reduces heat and vibration while improving system reliability and performance. The reliability of E-Series V is qualified through extensive stress testing before shipment. Array-based snaps and asynchronous replication extend E-Series V data protection capabilities.

Access Your Data Continuously

The E-Series V features multipathing support and dual redundant, hot-swappable active components. As an administrator, you will receive SNMP alerts or email notifications of component failures. Upon drive failure, a spare drive is automatically rebuilt into the RAID set for complete business continuity.

With up to 16GB of battery-backed and flash-protected cache per controller, the E-Series V solution mirrors cache between controllers in a dual controller configuration. Active Drawer TechnologyTM overcomes the challenges of competitive arrays by allowing a technician to service a drawer of drives easily while keeping your data available.

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