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So you have a need for a SAN – or do you?

Clearly sometime a SAN is the right choice, block level storage requirements such as for a database.

Then there is often the need for for file based storage, general files that we work on – daily: word, excel etc.

In the last three years we have seen a push for a mixed storage offering; a unified storage solution.

But is this really what you want? Yes, rather easy to manage and everything in a single box.

We at Sunstar Company represent a number of vendors that have all of the above:

There is no “absolute right” solution for your company. Let us share with you the advantages and disadvantages of independent offerings rather than everything in “one box”.

When considering these options, you must look at performance, ease of use, configuration and certainly support / maintenance.

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What is Unified Storage?

Often we at Sunstar Company are asked by prospective clients questions such as, “can you tell me the difference between SAN, NAS and Unified Storage?”

A simple explanation about Block and File Storage and the different connectivity options often suffice.

The looming questions, what about unified?”

Unified Storage is a storage system that makes it possible to run and manage files and applications from a single device.

Also unified storage system consolidates file-based and block-based access in a single storage platform.

Connectivity: Ideally Fibre Channel SAN, Ethernet and IP-based SAN (iSCSI) is supported. .

End Result: Block and File Storage, SAN and NAS in a single chassis.

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