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Getting optimal performance from Oracle Database servers, can be challenging for their supporting storage infrastructure.

Our goal; get Oracle Databases to run at optimum levels of performance even when faced with challenging workloads

Production systems must be able to:

  • Quickly process revenue-producing transactions around the clock
  • Simultaneously executing demanding I/O operations like backups, database replication/failover, and OLAP business analytics and reporting.

Enter Kaminario: Delivering true scale-out architecture for all-Flash enterprise storage

Kaminario_blue logo Kaminario’s consistent performance and low latency enables Oracle databases to run at top performance even when faced with challenging workloads.

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All organizations would like to deploy new applications and capabilities faster and provide a more agile and a more  scalable infrastructure.

Application performance and predictability and the ability to raise operational efficiency while reducing  cost is very attractive to the administrators that work with the likes of Oracle Databases, SQL Server Databases, VDI, Server Consolidation and Big Data.

Performance is everything.

If you are considering installing a Flash Array in the near future, reach out to us here at Sunstar, online or call (800) 663-5523