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Oracle’s StorageTek SL8500 modular library system

  • Enterprise Tape Storage
  • Consolidation and growth environments
  • Mission-critical and High Performance Computing applications
  • Unpredictable work loads
  • Consolidates your smaller tape libraries into one high-performance system
  • Combines mainframe, super-computing, UNIX, Linux, and Windows data
  • Modular, scalable capacity for rapid growth and regulatory compliance
  • Scales from 29 terabytes to 70 petabytes with up to 70,000 tape slots
  • Gives you data growth without disruption to enhance top-line revenue and reduce financial risk
  • Scale from 1,448 slots to 70,000 slots with no system downtime.
  • Supports a combination of 64 to 448 tape drives including the Sun StorageTek T10000, T9840, T9940 lines of tape drives along with LTO, SDLT, and DLT-S4 tape drives.
  • Redundant and hot-swap robotics, power and electronic components maximize availability.

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