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Sunstar Company, Inc. with the help of our service and support partners offers you a safety net to ensure that your critical systems continue to run smoothly; saving you the expense and disruption of downtime.

On average, we  save our customers in excess of 50% off the OEM published list price on their annual hardware maintenance expenses.

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The Planning

  • Hardware Support: Support on your IT assets could be available through Independent Service Providers (ISP’s), which could help reduce CapEx, OpEx and improve ROA by leveraging the existing technology on the floor beyond the typical 3 year lifecycle of the asset.
  • Remote Support and Diagnostics: Independent Service Providers can enable your IT assets to email home, dial home, transfer logs over SSL VPN, provide remote support and perform diagnostics for troubleshooting. Code Upgrades (firmware): This support is typically only available through the manufacturer. But here is a fact; at the end of a 3 year life cycle of the equipment (when you start paying for off warranty support), typically vendors have EOL (End of Life) the product and there are no more enhancements, feature upgrades, code upgrades with those versions of software/firmware. 
  • Global technical Support: Global 24 x 7 technical support is often provided by Independent Service Providers as a part of service offerings.
  • Independent Service Providers typically hire the same engineers that have been working for the vendor and redeploy them onsite for services
  • Spare parts are standard offering through Independent Service Providers to have them shipped at the site within the 4-hour SLA or possibly store it as onsite spares.
  • Normally Independent Service Providers SLA’s are matched to vendor specifications.  Also a custom tailored support plan can be created for the test and development systems – non critical systems, which can be treated with less priority or have a reduced SLA on it for support purposes, further driving down cost. Software Support: In most cases Software support can be continued with the vendor, which enables you to receive software updates for your host environment or any other layered software. If your IT asset is more than 5 years old, may be you can investigate into dropping the software support.

Cost Reduction

  • Off-warranty hardware maintenance services may be available to you at heavy discount of vendors estimated list price since these organizations do not have a sustaining engineering cost.
  • This will help increase the life of the asset you already own on the floor, which is fully functional and operational. This will further help you reduce your CapEx (differing the purchase of new assets), reduce your OPEX (reducing your maintenance cost) and improve your ROA (an asset you have already paid for). This savings will need a 12-month cycle to fully qualify since hardware maintenance services are charged on a monthly basis.
  • With 50% to 70% savings per device (Enterprise IT Asset), if you have an environment with 1PB storage, your organization could see a savings of millions of dollars over 3 years and a 5PB environment might see a double-digit million dollar savings over 3 years. Is this something that sounds interesting and can help you overall preserve your CapEx and reduce your OpEx?

Contact us (800) 663-5523 or online to discuss the options available to you.
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