Sunstar Company, Inc.


Refurbished, IBM 3590 Tape Drives are available from Sunstar Company in a variety of models. Our complete tape drive sub-systems includes; software, cables & SCSI controller suited for your platform. 3590 Tape Drives read and write to 128, 256 and 384 Tracks

  • Traditionally the 3590E model E1A is for use in IBM 3494 Automated Tape Library.
  • IBM’s 3590 E1A  brings diversity in that its controllers can be configured for stand-alone frames, racks, or automated library solutions. The IBM 3590 E1A can be used with a SCSI host interface or Fiber Channel interface of selected IBM and non-IBM midrange and open systems as well as with ESCON channels on S/390 systems through a Magstar 3590 controller.
  • The 3590E model E11 is a rack-mounted tape drive with an automatic cartridge facility (ACF). The 10 cartridge ACF allows the drives to be used as a mini-library with access up to 600 GB (with 3:1 compression). The E11 can be easily converted to an E1A for use in a fully automated library system.

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