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TS1130 Do you need some help with your non-working IBM 3592-E06 Tape Drive (IBM TS1130 Tape Drive?)

It does happen – we all the moving parts and sometimes the media can cause an problem too, drives do on occasion go bad.

Sunstar Company can repair or replace with warranty your defective IBM TS1130 tape drive.

Actually we can repair all defective IBM Enterprise Drives:

  • 3592-E05
  • 3592-E07
  • IBM 3590

For more information call (800) 663-5523

All drives are repaired with a warranty to suit your needs.





Are you looking to purchase an IBM tape drive? Sunstar Company has a vast inventory of IBM tape drives.

Some of the drives are listed below, please contact at (310) 330-2900 or (800) 663-5523 for a quote.

If possible it will be best to have the specific details on hand, connectivity, where it will be installed and in the perfect world a model no.

Choice of:

  • External Drives
  • Internal Drives (server)
  • Library Drives
  • Full Height Drives
  • ½ Height Drives


  • LTO6, LTO5, LTO4, LTO3, LTO2 and LTO


  • TS1150, TS1140, TS1130, TS1120
  • 3592-E07, 3592-E06. 3592-E05, 3592
  • 3590
  • 3490e
  • 3490


We repair and service all the drives noted above. Drives go bad on occasion. A head can go bad, or another mechanical part and certainly it is not uncommon for a drive to require a cleaning.

Sunstar Company 


In stock and ready to ship – all models of the IBM 3592 Tape Drive

3592 E05

3592 E06

3592 E07

Ships today with warranty.

Ready to be installed in your IBM Tape Library or we can install a drive into a Table Top Enclosure for your convenience. (Now with ease you can read all 3592 media of a single or dual drive solution outside of the tape library)

TS1120. TS1130 and TS1140.

To learn more call and speak with a tape specialist at Sunstar Company.

(800) 663-5523

3592 Library and standalone and dektop TS1140 drives available for shipment today.

New and Refurbished Drives are sold with warranty.

IBM System Storage TS1140 Tape Drive Model E07 (machine type 3592) is the fourth generation of the highly successful IBM 3592 Enterprise Tape Drive.

The IBM 3592 TS1140 Model E07 has a native cartridge capacity of 1.6 TB and 4.8 TB extended. 

  1.  Native data rate performance of up to 250 MB/sec (up to 650 MB/sec compressed)
  2. Uncompressed cartridge formatting of up to 4.0 TB (12.0 TB with 3:1 compression) with the use of IBM Tape Cartridge 3592 Advanced Data (Type C)Dual Fibre Channel interface at 8 Gbps designed to enhance attachment flexibility
  3. Effective media reuse with capacity to read and write up to N-1 generation media
  4. Encryption capabilities designed to work with the IBM Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager
  5.  Small form factor to help improve space efficiency of tape infrastructure
  6.  High availability design
  7. The high reliability of the 3592 tape drive and media is maintained and improved with these features:

 The TS1140 is designed to provide up to 4.0 TB uncompressed capacity with the IBM Tape Cartridge 3592 Advanced Data (Type C) media. 

Models Native cartridge capacity (native/compressed) Extended
TS1120 Model E05 800GB 2.1 TB
TS1130 Model E06 1 TB 3 TB
TS1140 Model E07 1.6 TB 4.8 TB

To receive a quote, call us at 800.663.5523 or contact us online.

Sunstar Company, Inc

Sunstar Company repairs and sells refurbished IBM Jaguar TS3592 E05 Tape Drives.

Units are available for your library, desktop or rackmount.

TS1120, TS1130 and TS1140

To learn more contact us online or call 800.663.5523

3592 E05 in Stand Alone Tabletop Enclosure  or   3592 EO5 in Dual Rackmount (Rear View)