Sunstar Company, Inc.


Sunstar Company is please to announce that we can provide you with the latest Leovo Servers on the market.

Lenovo, which bought IBM’s personal-computer business in 2005, is already the world’s largest PC maker after overtaking U.S. rivals Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc.

Lenovo is taking on H-P and Dell in the server market, with the acquisition of IBM’s x86 server unit. The deal turns Lenovo, still a relatively minor player globally, into one of the major players in the roughly $50 billion server market.

Please follow the links below, for detailed information for both Rack Servers and Tower Servers.

To request a quote for be it one or many of these servers do call (800) 663-5523



ThinkServer TS140:

ThinkServer TS440: