Sunstar Company, Inc.


Standalone and Library LTO4 Tape Drives Repaired Promptly with Warranty

Sunstar Company repairs your defective HP, IBM, Quantum and Tandberg LTO4 Tape Drives

We have spare parts and a significant inventory of replacement drives in stock should you require a replacement drive immediately.


Native Capacity: 800GB

Compressed Capacity: 1.6TB (assuming 2:1)

Buffer Size: 128MB

Please call (800) 663-5523 for a Quote

Native data transfer rate
  • 120 MB/s with LTO-4 media
  • 80 MB/s with LTO-3 media
  • 35.6 MB/s with LTO-2 media
Data transfer rate, compressed (assumes 2:1 data compression)
  • 240 MB/s with LTO-4 media
  • 160 MB/s with LTO-3 media
  • 71.2 MB/s with LTO-2 media
Burst transfer rate
320 MB/s (Ultra320 SCSI)
Data rate matching range
40 – 120 MB/s
Data access time (from BOT)
  • 46 s (LTO-2 media)
  • 52 s (LTO-3 media)
  • 62 s (LTO-4 media)
Rewind time from EOT
  • < 124 s for LTO-4 media
  • < 102 s for LTO-3 media
  • < 92 s for LTO-2 media
Rewind tape speed
7 m/s for (LTO-3 and LTO-2 media)
Average load time
< 19 s (Rewriteable), 22 s (WORM-initialized)
Average unload time
< 19 s (Rewriteable), 22 s (WORM-initialized)
AES 256-bit
WORM media support
LTO-4 media

Sunstar Company has new and many reconditioned LTO4 drives ready to ship.

Manufacturers supported:

  • IBM. HP, Oracle StorageTek, Quantum and Tandberg

Drives for your existing tape library.(tray can be included)

Drives for your server

Stand alone / external drives

All drives ship with warranty, upon installation some of the larger companies will include the recently purchased drive with the existing warranty. 

Please call us at 800.663.5223 for pricing