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It happens.

Your library goes down; perhaps its a picker and drive(s), power issues or …….

Sunstar Company maintains a a significant StorageTek SL8500 inventory. We have a number of libraries tested so we can potentially duplicate your problem providing you a quick fix.

Parts ship same day with warranty.



T10000 – all models

T9840 – all models

T9940 – all models

Call us toll free (800) 663-5523 and ask for a STK specialist to assist you.



8.5TB On each Cartridge

Compressed throughput of up to 2.8TB/hr


File management with LTFS

A T10000D tape drive can store up to 21TB on a single tape drive (..5:1 compression)

Minimize storage cost and footprint

Sunstar Company has a need to purchase:


12 x Sun StorageTek T10000B Fibre Channel Tape Drives, 7020999

Often used in a STK SL3000/PE or SL8500

With or without encryption

Please call (800) 663-5523





Sunstar Company, Inc continues to grow it’s inventory of StorageTek Tape Drives.

We have all models of both the T10000 and T9840 drives ready to ship with the appropriate tray for your Oracle / Suns / StorageTek Tape Library

T10000A   T10000B   T10000C

T9840A   T9840B   T9840C  T9840D

Looking for a replacement drive?

Call with the tray part number and we can match your requirement.

Sunstar sales: (800) 663-5523



All Oracle StorageTek LTO Tape Drives are library specific, requiring firmware and the appropriate tray for your Oracle / Sun / StorageTek Tape Library,

LTO4 for SL8500 Tape Library


In addition it is best to match drives, this is preferred by Oracle. Please indicate of you prefer IBM or HP Drives.

  Contact us online or call us at (800) 663-5523 or (310) 330-2900 for a quote!


Oracle’s StorageTek LTO tape drives provide fast data transfer, high capacity, and energy savings for midrange tape automation environments, and enable you to meet stringent regulatory requirements.

We have hundreds of STK branded drives in our warehouse, ready to ship with warranty.

We stock HP and IBM StorageTek conversion kits along with the following tape drives.


Sunstar Company, Inc. will purchase your StorageTek Tape Library.

Do let us know if you need help decommissioning your library. The larger STK libraries will require an expert to remove the system from your premises.

Call (800) 663-5523 or (310) 330-2900 for information. Reach us Online

Highly scalable StorageTek tape libraries ensure data availability in heterogeneous tape storage environments of any size, including Oracle Applications, Windows desktops, mainframes, and supercomputers.


Current Tape Libraries


StorageTek SL8500 Modular Library System

StorageTek SL3000 Modular Library System

StorageTek SL150 Modular Tape Library

Legacy Tape Libraries


StorageTek SL500 Modular Tape Library

StorageTek L700 Modular Tape Library

StorageTek L180 Tape Library

StorageTek L80 Tape Library

StorageTek L40 Tape Library

StorageTek L20 Tape Library

StorageTek SL48 Tape Library

StorageTek SL24 Autoloader

Sunstar Company repairs all tape drives. Standalone of library drives are repaired, tested and shipped with warranty:

  • A $150.00 fee applies to product shipped to our facility for evaluation.
  • The approval of any repair waives the $150.00 evaluation fee.
  • Standard turn around time is usually 3 to 5 business days on most repairs. Expedited service available
  • Expedited repairs can often be returned by the following business day with a priority shipping service.
  • All repairs carry a minimum of 90 day warranty.
  • Factory trained technicians
  • We also repair tape libraries and autloaders – all formats
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

T10000 Banner

We repair StorageTek drives (Sun and Oracle) model.

T9840A, T9840B, T9840C, T9840D

T9940A, T9940B, T9940C

T10000A, T10000B, T10000C

Exchange units are available – with appropriate trays for your library and connectivity.

Questions?  Please call us (800) 663-5523 contact us online

StorageTek Library Drives are now available in either a standalone desktop enclosure or a dual rackmount enclosure

T9840 Tape drive available in a standalone desktop enclosure or dual rackmount enclosure

T9940 Tape drive available in a standalone desktop enclosure or dual rackmount enclosure

To learn more about StorageTek Enterprise offerings, please contact sales at or call 310.330.2900

StorageTek Enterprise available to ship from Sunstar Company, Inc.

Also: Sunstar Company repairs most tape drives, however our speciality is LTO, StorageTek and IBM Enterprise Tape drives.

StorageTek Tape Drives

StorageTek speed- and capacity-optimized tape storage drives enable robust data protection, energy efficiency, and fast data transfer.


To learn more about StorageTek Enterprise offerings, please contact sales at or call 310.330.2900

StorageTek tape drives available for your existing STK tape library

Contact sales at or call 310.330.2900 to get additional information about Oracle STK drives and libraries

Oracle’s StorageTek SL8500 modular library system, the world’s first exabyte storage system, enables heterogeneous data consolidation and multi-generation media support in an ultra-dense footprint

Looking to add or replace a drive or any additional hardware for you STK SL8500?

Sunstar Company, Inc has the following tape drives in stock:

T10000A, T10000B, T10000C

 T9940B, T9940C and T9940C


Not to forget SDLT Drives

Please reach out to us:

Call 800.663.5523 or contact us online