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We all need to backup our data.

Organizations and Corporations can not “live by hope” alone.

Scrambling to find hard copies is no longer an option. We do not print all the documents that we receive by email.

But where and how should backup? Are you comfortable with your present backup process?

Consider Unitrends.

Unitrends has a plethora of purpose-built data protection products for unmatched backup, archiving, disaster recovery, and business continuity.

Their offerings include:

  • Physical appliances
  • Virtual appliances
  • Software
  • Cloud storage
  • DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service)

The table below compares a high-level comparative overview of Unitrends products. To learn more about each offering simply follow the links above to the appropriate section.


Recovery-Series ***


Physical Appliance Virtual (Hyper-V and VMware)
Deep Virtual (Hyper-V and VMware)
Physical (100+ Versions)
Converged (Cisco UCS)
Unitrends Enterprise Backup Virtual Appliance Virtual (Hyper-V and VMware)
Deep Virtual (Hyper-V and VMware)
Physical (100+ Versions)
Converged (Cisco UCS)
Unitrends Virtual Backup Virtual Appliance Virtual (XenServer)
ReliableDRTM Windows Software Virtual (VMware & Hyper-V)
Unitrends Cloud Public Cloud Recovery-Series
Unitrends Enterprise Backup

Unitrends Certified Recovery Suite- a suite consisting of Unitrends Enterprise Backup, Unitrends Virtual Backup, and ReliableDR for one affordable price.

*** Most popular

Let us assist you to find the right solution that will fit your needs for now and in the future.

Please call Sunstar Company at (800) 663-5523

Unitrends Logo jan 2015

Unitrends Cloud is a disaster recovery and business continuity offering that takes the capabilities of their Recovery-Series and their Unitrends Enterprise Backup backup products and enhances them with our cloud capabilities.

You get the recovery and recovery assurance technologies that you would traditionally achieve from their appliances.


  1. Metered
  2. No Limits Cloud
  3. Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS.)

To learn more about Unitrends Cloud Offerings, call us here at Sunstar Company,  (800) 663-5523

At some point in time a backup solution will be deployed in all organizations. Sure there is a wide choice of offerings and we are not just talking about disk or tape.  For the most part a number of vendors are required for a backup solution to be deployed.

More likely both software and hardware will be required. This works but what we at Sunstar have learned over the years that in time, more challenges arise. Operating Systems get updated or changed, hardware is replaced and then there is the added headache that support must be available from both the software and hardware vendor.

It is for these reasons that many of our clients have opted to an “all in one” solution.  Unitrends is one of our “go to vendors” when a client will best be suited by an all in solution.

  • Unitrends delivers award-winning business recovery solutions for any IT environment.
  • The company’s portfolio of virtual, physical, and cloud solutions provides adaptive protection for organizations globally.
  • To address the complexities facing today’s modern data center, Unitrends delivers end-to-end protection and instant recovery of all virtual and physical assets as well as automated disaster recovery testing built for virtualization.
  • Unitrends’ offerings are backed by a customer support team that consistently achieves a 98 percent satisfaction rating.

Contact us at (800) 663-5523 for assistance, we will size the appropriate solution for your company.

Recovery-Series family features include:

  • All-in-one integrated appliance models with AES-NI hardware encryption, scaling from 1TB to 97TB of raw storage, 8GB to 256GB memory, and 2 to 16 CPU cores.
  • Solid State Drives (SSD)—1st integrated appliance (1U and larger) to include variable sized solid-state drives (SSDs) as a 2nd-layer read cache. As more backups are processed and replicated, data is cached in SSD cache, speeding up read requests and increasing data I/O.
  • Recovery assurance including the industry’s only Windows VM and physical server instant recovery capability coupled with hypervisor-level instant recovery and auditing via the ReliableDR add-on.
  • Virtualization, deep virtualization, physical, and unified compute protection for over 100 versions of applications, operating systems, servers, and storage.
  • Unitrends Bridge Convert physical systems to virtual systems, vSphere or Hyper-V, in a single click to external virtualization hosts.
  • Unified Bare Metal One-pass dissimilar bare metal capability that performs both bare metal as well as granular file-level backup.
  • NDMP Backup and NAS Backup Optional NDMP NAS Protection provides enhanced storage integration for EMC and NetApp NAS devices with simplified backup management, improved performance, while maintaining access control lists (ACLs) on recovered files.
  • Cloud-empowered disaster recovery and business continuity your way—via ourUnitrends Cloud which offers No Limits Cloud storage with strict RTO SLAs and DRaaSfor Windows and VMware. But we don’t lock you in—we offer cloud disaster recovery even via third-party cloud solutions with our CloudHook functionality supporting Amazon, Google, Dropbox and many more.
  • Granular disaster recovery via local archiving—D2D2x (Disk-to-Disk-to-Any) including rotational disk, rotational tape, fixed SAN, and fixed NAS—so that you can build WAN bandwidth-saving disaster recovery and business continuity policies.
  • Our Pledge free hardware forever policy included with any 3 or 5 year support plan.
  • Predictive analytics that monitors and predicts hardware and software failures before they occur.

Right-size your appliance to fit your exact business needs, from the remote office to the enterprise. Choose from a granular family of Recovery-Series appliances that easily scale up and scale out as your business grows.

Raw Capacity (TB)
Backup Capacity (TB)
U Height

Unitrends Logo jan 2015


All-in-One Backup Appliance:

Purpose-built physical backup appliances for enterprise-class virtual, deep virtual, physical protection, and unified computer protection.

No need to backup to tape, simply backup to disk, no software required; includes Bear Metal Restore!

Option: Replicate data either to a second unit to to the cloud

Recovery 824S  Unitrends Recovery 936S

  • 73TB of Storage capacity (raw) organized in a RAID-1/ RAID-60 configuration with hot-swap user-replaceable drives
  • 40TB Backup Capacity
  • Data Protection and Recovery and cloud-empowered disaster recovery and business continuity for comprehensive recovery assurance.
  • Supports byte- level deduplication, hardware enhanced AES-NI encryption
  • 480GB of Tiered cache SSD for improved backup performance, fast restore and recover all in 3U.

Call us at Sunstar Company for a quote and additional information: (800) 663-5523

Additional Models available: Smaller and large needs

Recovery Series Models (2015) 201 602 603 713S 714S 814S 823S 824S 933S 943S
Backup Capacity (TB) .6 1.2 1.6 3.2 5 8 13 16 20 50

Unitrends Logo jan 2015

Unitrends is making waves again.

Yesterday they announced the release of the 3rd generation, all-in-one integrated appliance models

New to these models:

  1. Faster CPU clock speeds
  2. AES-NI hardware encryption
  3. Increased I/O bandwidth
  4. Scales from 1TB to 97TB of raw storage
  5. 8GB to 256GB Memory in an appliance
  6. 2 to 16 CPU Cores in an appliance.

Solid State Drives (SSD) have been integrated into many of the appliances. These solid-state drives (SSDs) perform as a 2nd-layer of read cache.

When more backups are processed and replicated, data is cached in SSD cache, speeding up read requests and increasing data I/O.

Word is that the SSDs yield a 300% improvement in backup allowing more data to be protected per day, all while improving recovery times by 125%

Now we at Sunstar Company, Inc. have sold a bunch of the previous generation of appliances. My clients testimonials says it true. The Recovery Appliances work and have saved some of my clients major headaches.

I suspect that the new Recovery Series will be even a greater hit, better performance coupled with larger capacity will certainly bring about more sales.

Please do reach out to us by calling (800) 663-5523 or receive a quote or learn more about Unitrend’s new 3rd generation of recovery appliances.




Unitrends Logo

Unitrends Unveils Next-Generation Physical Backup and Recovery Appliances with Tiered Flash Storage

BURLINGTON, Mass., Jan. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Unitrends today unveiled the next generation of its Recovery-Series family of purpose-built backup appliances (PBBAs). With its new portfolio, which includes 11 models that scale from 1 terabyte (TB) to 97 TB of raw storage, Unitrends sets a new standard in backup and recovery performance with tiered flash storage and makes cloud adoption much more affordable for companies of all sizes.

Tiered Flash Storage Boosts Performance
With the release of the next-generation Recovery-Series family, Unitrends becomes the data protection industry’s price/performance leader. The company is bringing the value of flash storage, at new unprecedented price points, to its Recovery-Series appliances ranging from 1U and above. Tiered flash storage delivers improved backup performance, faster restore and disaster recovery processes, and greater scalability and flexibility. Additionally, customers now have the ability to implement policies around flash cache usage to optimize performance as data grows and prevent performance degradation, even as appliances age.

In addition to tiered flash storage, Unitrends has made a number of product enhancements that drive superior performance, including upgrades to the hardware’s central processing unit (CPU), advancements in its memory and RAID, and improvements in compression capabilities. The result is unrivaled backup and disaster recovery performance both locally and in the cloud, including:

  • A 300 percent improvement in backup processing time
  • A 300 percent improvement in recovery point objectives (RPOs)
  • A 125 percent improvement in recovery time objectives (RTOs)
  • A 200 percent improvement in local archiving

The Unitrends Recovery-Series family now caters to organizations of all sizes – from small businesses and remote office/branch office (ROBO) locations to large enterprises. The product line features three new low-cost physical appliances for small businesses and two new 3U form factor appliances, along with a 4U model, for enterprises with high-volume storage needs. Small businesses with a modest IT budget can purchase the Recovery-201 desktop appliance, which is priced at approximately $1,200, or the Recovery-602 or Recovery-603 1U half-height rack appliances, which start around $4,000. Companies with large storage requirements can choose from two new 3U appliances – the Recovery-933S, which includes 37 TB of raw storage, or the Recovery-936S, featuring 73 TB of raw storage – or the 4U 943S appliance with 97 TB of raw storage.

Additionally, Unitrends is making hybrid cloud adoption more affordable than ever by offering its No Limits Cloud™ service to Recovery-Series customers at price points suitable for entry-level companies. The No Limits Cloud replication service, along with the company’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) offering, comprise the Unitrends Cloud, which is augmented with Recovery Assurance for vSphere™ and Hyper-V® environments.

Unitrends next-generation Recovery-Series appliances are available now and can be purchased from Sunstar Company, Inc.


Purchase the right appliance for your business, turn it on, configure it, and get back to the rest of your life. No more finger pointing when there’s a problem. No more resizing nightmares as your business grows.

The Unitrends Recovery Series is a wide range of purpose-built physical backup appliances for enterprise-class virtual, deep virtual, physical protection, and unified compute protection.

Offering unmatched backup, archiving, disaster recovery, and business continuity simply delivered via our No Limits™ licensing, flexible deployment options, and Unitrends Cloud storage and DRaaS offerings featuring application-level recovery assurance via ReliableDR™.

The hardest working appliance in your rack. 

Choose the appropriately sized Recovery-Series appliance, available in 11 storage sizes. Easily scale up and scale out as your business grows

To learn more call (800) 663-5523, the sales team at Sunstar Company, Inc.

Rackmount Appliances Specifications
  712 713 813 822 823 824 833/ 863 943
Major Features
No Limits Licensing
Protects 100+ Versions of Operating Systems and Applications
Continuous Data Protection
Point-in-Time Recovery
Adaptive Deduplication™
Unitrends Cloud Enabled
Private Replication Enabled
Simply Scalable™ Architecture
May Serve as Private Replication Target
May Cross Replicate
Rapid Recovery Console
Hot/Cold Bare Metal
Dissimilar Bare Metal
AES-256 Bit Encryption
Windows Instant Recovery via Failover Virtualization
VMware Instant Recovery via Failover Virtualization
Raw Storage (TB) 4 6 9 13 19 25 31 97
Maximum Backup (TB) 1 2.4 3.2 6 9 13 16 20 50

Sunstar Company, Inc is pleased to offer our client Unitrends Cloud.

Unitrends Cloud is a disaster recovery and business continuity offering that takes the capabilities of our Recovery-Series and our Unitrends Enterprise Backup backup products and enhances them with our cloud capabilities.

It means that you get the recovery and recovery assurance technologies you’ve come to expect from our appliances—including granular archiving,

Windows physical and guest operating system (GOS) level instant recovery and recovery assurance via auditing, and virtual hypervisor instant recovery and recovery assurance via Recovery Assurance for vSphere—and then empowers your appliance with these capabilities and more in our Unitrends Cloud.


  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with no second site capital expense and simplified pricing (based on the size of the on-premise appliance) maximizes your budget dollars.
  • Drives lower energy consumption by eliminating large server rooms, saving power consumption and energy cost at your site. Lower carbon footprint and energy consumption helps companies meet green IT initiatives.
  • Advanced WAN Optimization (WO) with variable block source deduplication for highly effective use of available WAN bandwidth.
  • Integrated local archiving with replication for granular protection and WAN optimization.
  • Configurable security options with AES-256 encryption capabilities for data in-flight and at-rest.
  • Superior ease of use with integrated granular archiving and Unitrends Cloud offerings integrated into our single-pane-of-glass for management and monitoring.
  • Rapid deployment in a matter of minutes with the same replication and archive wizards as Recovery-Series and Unitrends Enterprise Backup on premise appliances.
  • Our award-winning crazy-committed customer support who leads the industry with 98% customer satisfaction.

Metered Cloud
Our Metered Cloud storage service offers the following features

  • Metered cloud storage is available in 250 gigabyte increments.
  • Metered storage is provisioned dynamically based upon customer demand.

No Limits Cloud
Our No Limits Cloud offering provides all of the features of our Metered storage service and in addition offers the following features

  • Our affordable cloud storage service on a per gigabyte basis.
  • Dynamically scales to the capacity of your on premise Recovery-Series or Unitrends Enterprise Backup appliance.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Cloud
Our DRaaS offering provides all of the features of our No Limits Cloud storage service and in addition offers the following features

  • Spin-up of VMware environments.
  • Spin-up of physical and GOS (Guest Operating System)-level Windows.
  • Our managed DRaaS white glove service means that Unitrends disaster recovery experts to help you recover your IT infrastructure and provide business continuity in the event of disaster.
  • Recovery assurance via optional ReliableDR automated orchestration

To learn more call (800) 663-5523



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