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Unitrends backup for small to medium sized business.

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All-in-One Backup Appliance:  

Availble from Sunstar Company, these Unitrends Appliances are super reliable, easy to use and with a rich set of features.

Let us assiste you? The Unitrends is a simple backup solution to install and in no time your 1st backup will be in effect.

The Unitrends Recovery-603 is well suited for small to medium-sized busineses.

  • Rackmount, all-in-one backup appliance.
  • 1U Form factor unit supports byte-level deduplication with an unformatted usable physical storage of 3 TB (meta-data and data) organized in a RAID-1 configuration with cold-swap user-replaceable drives.

Recovery 603

Unitrends Recovery-603 Appliance & Support Bundle
Recovery-603 Appliance & Support Bundle, 1 Year
3TB Raw Storage, ~2.4TB Max Backup
Recovery-603 Appliance & Support Bundle, 3 Year
3TB Raw Storage, ~2.4TB Max Backup


The Unitrends Recovery-713S, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.

  • This 1U form factor unit supports byte- level deduplication, hardware enhanced AES-NI encryption and 128 GB of tiered cache SSD for improved backup performance, fast restore and recovery.
  • The Recovery-713S supports 6 TB of raw storage capacity organized in a RAID-10 configuration with hot-swap user-replaceable drives, comprehensive data protection and recovery and cloud-empowered disaster recovery and business continuity for comprehensive recovery assurance.


Unitrends Recovery-713S Appliance & Support Bundle
Recovery-713S Appliance & Support Bundle, 1 Year
6TB Raw Storage, ~3.2TB Max Backup
Recovery-713S Appliance & Support Bundle, 3 Year
6TB Raw Storage, ~3.2TB Max Backup

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Unitrends Recovery-Series Appliances ease the pain of:

Managing data protection



Unitrends assists companies with growing data volumes and tight backup windows by providing a unified appliance with storage that simplifies backup and recovery operations