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VDI Boot Storms can be a pain.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure on K2    Deploying Flash Storage for VDI

Keeping users productive and satisfied is critical to the success of any VDI deployment. Solving this problem can be easily achieved by implementing a solid flash solution – Kaminanrio’s K2.

Kaminario’s K2’s consistent low latency and predictable high IOPS/throughput deliver responsive virtual desktops and ensures both IT and users can get their work done.

K2’s consistent performance under load extends the scope of VDI from undemanding task workers, all the way up to performance-sensitive expert users where it was previously infeasible, keeping all of the VDI users productive and satisfied.

Benchmarks have demonstrated K2’s ability to support rapid deployment of VMware View virtual desktops with 1,000 desktops deployed in just 70 minutes. During even this strenuous test, the K2 array remained highly responsive with IOPS peaking at 70,000 while latency remained below 1.0 ms.

Simultaneous startup and shutdown of large groups of virtual desktops typically create storms that bring legacy storage to its knees, resulting in downtime and unhappy users. Benchmarks, run on a single K-Block K2 array holding 1,500 virtual desktops, measured only 8 minutes required to boot all desktops and only 3 minutes required to power them down, with array latency still remaining well below 1.0 ms.

Kaminario can solve your VDI problems. Do reach out to us and ask to speak with a a Flash expert and let us guide you this this process.

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