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GlobalScape Wide Area File Service (WAFS)

Remotely Access and Securely Share Files

  • WAFS simplifies collaboration and allows you to easily locate files, eliminate errors, and decrease bandwidth usage.
  • WAFS eliminates slow, cumbersome collaboration and helps you avoid project delays, budget overages, and angry clients.
  • WAFS prevents files from being altered by multiple people at the same time. As soon as you open a file, WAFS locks it, preventing anyone else from altering it. (Others can open a read-only version.) Once you’ve saved your changes, the lock is removed, and the alterations are replicated in real-time within the Vault.
  • The Vault guards against data loss and corruption by saving both current and past uncorrupted documents for easy access. If a file is deleted or becomes corrupt, an administrator can securely retrieve files from the Vault history. You can also access previous versions of files to track changes. The Vault makes remote file access and tracking easier than ever.
  • Continue working on documents offline by accessing them on your desktop. When the Agent goes back online, it performs an initial synchronization with the Vault. If more than one person changed the file while the network was offline, WAFS allows the admin to choose which version to keep, or to start from a previous version
  • File replication ensures that current files are accessible anywhere on the WAN. When you pair Autodesk® Revit® Worksharing capabilities with WAFS by Globalscape, users from locations around the world can access and share files over a WAN at local-area-network speeds.

The result: Faster and more reliable element borrowing and multi-user access to entire worksets.

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