Sunstar Company, Inc.


IBM TS1140 (3592-E07)


Available for your existing library or Sunstar offers the IBM 3592-E07 in a tabletop, or standalone rackmount configuration.

  • High performance with data transfer rate up to 650 MBps with compression
  • Flexible media, including short and long length cartridges, re-writable and WORM formats and media partitioning
  • Small form factor and high capacity
  • Supports encryption and key management
  • Compatibility with existing IBM tape automation installations
  • IBM Power Systems™, IBM System i®, IBM System p®, IBM System z® and IBM System x® support

The TS1140 tape drive supports the System Storage TS3500 Tape Library and IBM racks that enable stand-alone installation. The TS1140 features three options for Type C media. The 3592 Advanced data tape cartridge, JC, provides up to 4.0 TB native capacity, and up to 4.0 TB are provided by the 3592 Advanced WORM cartridge, JY. A limited capacity of up to 500 GB Economy cartridge, JK, offers fast access to data. The TS1140 tape drive can also read and write on previous media, type B (JB and JX), and read only on type A (JA, JW, JJ and JR).

  • Linear Serpentine recording
  • 4 TB capacity using JC/JY media
  • 1.6 TB capacity using JB/JX media
  • 500 GB capacity using JK media
  • 800 MBps burst data rate
  • Compact 3.8 in x 7.8 in x 18.4 in dimensions

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