These Legacy Tape Libraries and Drives are often still in use to this day.  

Perhaps a replacement library or drive is required, be it for data  that needs to be restored from old media (data migration) or your drive is no longer operational. Assuming we have what you need, we can offer and exchange or possibly repair the defective drive. 

Legacy Tape Drives and Tape Libraries

  • Sunstar Conmpany, Inc provides extensive experience ranging from 9 track to the latest enterprise tape drives and libraries.
  • We offer competitive prices to supply, repair and recondition tape drives and libraries, for all tape formats used.

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  • 9 Track: ½ Inch (12.7 mm) wide magnetic tape media and reels,8 data tracks and one parity track for a total of 9 parallel tracks. The standard size of a byte was effectively set at 8 bits

  • 3480   3490  3490e:  ½ inch media, 18 track, 18 track with compression and 36 track respectively

  • 3590 : ½ inch media, 128 track, 256 track and 384 track (model dependent)

  • LTO (IBM) :  (all generations – LTO6, LTO5, LTO4, LTO3, LTO2, and LTO – Library and consumer grade:full height & ½ height – all manufacturers)

  • 4mm   8mm : DAT drives

  • DIR   DTF: Sony Helical Scan Recording ½ inch and 19mm respectively

  • IBM Enterprise 3592 : IBM Janguar Enterprise drives (TS1120, TS1130, TS1140, TS1150, TS1155 and TS1160)

  • StorageTek : STK T10000, LTO, T9940 and T9840 offerings

StorageTek T10000D     StorageTek T10000C     StorageTek T10000B     StorageTek T10000A
StorageTek T9940B     StorageTek T9940
StorageTek T9840A     StorageTek T9840B     StorageTek T9840C    StorageTek T9840D

StorageTek LTO

Legacy drive specifications


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