There are those that say they have it but do not and then there are  those that do have inventory. Certainly we can’t inventory everything but our accurate inventory tracking will be sure to let us know if we have the item that you are seeking in our warehouse.

As the technology marketplace changes so does Sunstar. The fact that we have been in business for well over 30 years and have a finger on the current market illustrates our wanting to stay current with technology but maintain a inventory of product and parts that we know the inventory will require. 

Entering our warehouse will bring a smile to anyone that has been in the industry for some time. Many well respected brands that are long gone are well represented at Sunstar. Looking for 9 / 18 or 36 track tape drive, perhaps an mfm or rll disk drive? A rack away you might find some current IBM, Oracle and HPE product.  On a daily basis we harvest components from racks / arrays and servers, we have a fairly good ideas as to what will be required in the near future, there is not the need to keep everything so we recycle a good percentage of what comes in. On any day we have tens of thousands of drives of all technologies, from a slew  of manufacturers and systems, tested and waiting to be purchased.

Professional Services – We do offer on-site visits however, most of our clients ship their drives in and on occasion a library is delivered. Please reach out to us so that we can make arrangements for a RMA as we need to track your shipment from the moment it enters our facility.

We have stocked, repaired and warrantied tape drives going back to the old 9 track drives that were common around the early 80’s and yes we still have inventory and maintain these models. We encourage you to spend some time on our site, the odds are we will have information about your drive.  Drives are sold with or without the unique tray when required for a specific library and we are able to install the code of your choice to the library when requested.

Media prices are all over. In many cases the purchase of a new cartridge that is readily available is quite affordable. This is not always the case when a manufacturer discontinues manufacturing a specific media. Prices can plummet or we have seen this many times, prices go up and stay there. We are able to offer reconditioned media at a fair price with the guarantee that you expect.

Servers – we purchase a ton of these monthly, typically a brand name you will be familiar with. We are not in a position to keep every one of these  in stock for a lengthy period of time. A decision is made that some of these servers must be harvested and then we sell the internal hardware and recycle what we can.  We are very much aware of what models are the workhorse of our economy so be sure we have a ton of working, untouched servers ready for the data center.

Looking for a complete new or used storage array with a warranty? We  have a significant quantity of models in stock from many of the major manufacturers. We have harvested thousands of disk drives, memory modules, CPU’s, main boards, power supplies from 100’s of models that have come into our facility. Where possible we test the parts and everything ships with a warranty.

Over the last two years we have seen an uptick in the number of flash systems that have shown up at our dock. It is a common misconception that all SSD drives / flash – once retired – end of its life. This could be true for the 1st generation of flash but with the proliferation of data, most of the data sets are read, with a limited number of writes.  We have the ability to test the SSD’s and we will only release those units that pass the high threshold test.

We have a vast selection of CPU’s and memory modules for servers, desktops and some laptops: The vast majority of our CPU’s and modules have been removed from working hardware. We see all the brands, IBM, AMD, IBM, HPE, Lenovo, Kingston….. All that we ship will come with a money back warranty. 

Scanners – Document & paper scanners with easy to use one-touch scanning to PDF, email and more. Portable, high-speed, ADF, wireless, network, and workgroup scanners.


Contact us if you have a need for recondition or new:

  • Tape Drives, libraries and media
  • Storage solutions including replacement spinning or flash drives
  • Servers – complete or parts thereof – motherboard, CPU, memory, power supply ….

A selection of Manufacturers | Brands | Technologies that we work with on a daily basis.