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IBM Legacy Tape Libraries

IBM 3584 Highly scalable LTO Ultrium tape library


Ideal for the most demanding environments, where fast data access and a high amount of scalability is required. Compatible with various open system servers and virtual tape solutions, the IBM 3584 is an excellent alternative to legacy DLT tape solutions.

The 3584 tape library is compatible with 3592, TS1120, or LTO Ultrium 2nd and 3rd generation tape drives. Native Fibre connectivity is included, as is other advanced features such as hot-swappable drives, host-based path failover, exception reporting, and remote management options. In addition, both drive technologies support WORM data cartridges, for data retention and regulatory compliance solutions.

With the IBM 3584 tape solutions, Capacity on Demand is standard, the L22 and L52 base frames can come with only 56 or 117 of the available data cartridge slots activated, with the option to expand to 260 slots on demand. In addition, the 3584 tape library comes with a standard 16-slot I/O station, but an additional 16-slot I/O station can be added as needed.

Utilize the 3584 Multi-path architecture to virtually partition the tape library into up to 192 logical libraries or 8 virtual tape servers. In addition, IBM’s ALMS (advanced library management system is compatible with the 3584 tape library, enabling businesses to dynamically manage storage, creating logical libraries and configuring drives into virtual libraries as needed.

IBM’s newest LTO tape solution that replaces the 3584, the TS3500, features expanded capacity as well as additional standard and optional features.

IBM 3584 Tape Library Specifications & Features
L22 Base Frame D22 Expansion Frame L52 Base Frame D52 Expansion Frame
Drives Up to 12 x 3592or TS1120 Up to 12 x 3592or TS1120 Up to 12 x LTO Ultrium3 Up to 12 x LTO Ultrium3
Maximum Data Cartridge Slots 58, 117, or 260 360 – 400 64,129, or 287 360 – 440
Maximum I/O Slots 32 32 32 32
Maximum Logical Libraries 192 192 192 192
Maximum Virtual Tape Servers 8 8 8 8

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