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Legacy Tape Drives 

Fujitsu M2481Tape Drive

Fujitsu’s M2481A/B cartridge tape drives and M1016A/AD/B/BD controllers constitute a reliable, high-performance half-inch form factor. The standard data transfer rates for M2481A and M2481B are 1.5 and 3.0 megabytes per second, respectively, with storage capacity of 200 megabytes, both of which can be doubled by using a data compression option.

Equipped with an SCSI-2 host interface, the controllers feature a 2 MB data buffer and control up to four drives. Fujitsu’s M2481A/B and M1016A/AD/B/BD combination is ideal for workstations and mid-range computers and is completely compatible with the IBM 3480 system.

M1016 cartridge tape controller
M2481A/B: 3480-compatibility in a rack mount
With the introduction of the rack mountable M2481A/B cartridge tape drives, Fujitsu brings IBM3480-compatibility down to an 8-inch size. Now you can have a cartridge tape drive subsystem with high performance, high capacity, and 3480-compatibility, without paying six figures and without the bulky dimensions. Plus, it has an SCSI interface for easy systems integration.

Big performance at a modest price
At a third of the cost and a fraction of the size, the M2481A/B are an economical and efficient alternative to the IBM3480 system. It can perform both 3480-data-interchange tasks and general data backup for users who need more performance than GCR offers, but can’t justfy a 3480-investment.
Models M2481A and M2481B will read and write an 18-track 3480-formatted tape cartridge between the drive and controller at data transfer rates of 1.5 and 3.0 megabytes per second, respectively.
The resulting price/performance advantage of M2481A/B is the best of any tape drive this size.

Data compression option enhances capacity and performance
Through the M1016A/AD/B/BD SCSI Controllers, the M2481A/B also offer a unique data compression option. It doubles the capacity per cartridge and nearly doubles the drive’s performance.
This is accomplished by packing an average of two bytes of information into each byte of data.
With this option, the capacity of each 200 MB cartridge is increased to an average of 400 MB and the data transfer rate can be doubled.
The M2481 is also supported by Fujitsu’s proven proprietary method, or Enhanced Data Recording Capability (EDRC *), the data compression method compatible with IBM’s improved Data Recording Capability (IDRC).
The M1016A/AD/B/BD controllers support data transfer rates of 4 MB/s (synchronous mode) and 1.5 MB/s (asynchronous mode) with a standard SCSI interface. This interface easily facilitates the integration of the M2481A/B drives into your systems.
* Available in April, 1992

Automatic cartridge loader (optional) increases capacity, reduces operation work
The optional automatic cartridge loader (ACL) can load a single cartridge or 5- or 10-cartridge magazine. The cartridge position is displayed on the operator panel to indicate which cartridge is loaded. At random the ACL can carry cartridges up or down. And with the data compression feature, the M2481A/B back up data up to 4 gigabytes.

The extra advantage is Fujitsu
Fujitsu has achieved this level of performance while maintaining the superior design features and quality which distinguish the entire family of Fujitsu storage products.
For example, the 18-track tape head is completely field tested. Its reliability has been clearly proven by thousands of installations of Fujitsu’s M2463 stand-alone-size 3480-compatible drive with FIPS-60 interface. Air bearings help ensure long head life and minimal tape wear by lifting the abrasive 3480-tape off the head during high speed searching and loading/unloading. The M2481 subsystem has many other features which enhance its operation, including a well-designed tape path, and easy-to-use control panel and online/offline diagnostics.
Most important of all, every Fujitsu data storage product benefits from the company’s extensive experience as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of computers and computer peripherals.
You can trust Fujitsu for all your data storage requirements – from 5 1/4-inch tape drives to 3480-compatible systems and beyond.


Options M2481A21/22 19-inch rach mount kit
M2481A31 power supply
M2481A32/33 power supply cable
M2481A41/43/44 MTU-MTU connetion kit
M1016A/AD/B/BD Cartridge tape controller
  M1016A/B M1016AD/BD
Interface SCSI-2
Data transfer rate 4 MB/s(synchronous mode)
1.5 MB/s(asynchronous mode)
Buffer size 2 MB(512 KB/drive in max. 4 drives)
No. of drives controllable Max. 4
Options M1016A11 data compression feature
M1016A16 EDRC

M2481A11 Automatic Cartridge loader (optional)

Dimensions Height 127mm (5.0 in.)
Width 217 mm (8.6in.)
Depth 224 mm (8.8in.)
Weight 7 kg(16 lbs)
Ambient temperature (operating) 5 degrees centigrade to 40 degrees centigrade (41 degrees fahrenheit to 104 degrees fahrenheit)
Relative humidity (operating) 20% to 80%(non condensing)
Wet bulb (operating) 29 degrees centigrade(84.27 degrees fahrenheit)
Mean time between failures 25,000 hours

Cartridge tape

type 1/2-inch wide, single-reel tape
Tape length 165m to 180m (541ft. to 591ft.)
Storage capacity 200 MB
(Average 400 MB with data compression feateature)
(H x W x D)
(1.0 in.x4.3in.x5.0in.)


  Magazine for 5 cartrides Magazine for 10 cartrides
Dimensions Height 288 mm (9.0 in.) 385 mm (15.2 in.)
Width 125 mm (4.9 in.)
Depth 136 mm (5.4 in.)
Weight with cartridges 3 kg (6.7 lbs) 5 kg (11 lbs)



Model 18-Track 18-Track (compressed) 36-Track 128-Track
Read Write Read Write Read Write Read Write
M8100             X X
M2485K/N X   X   X X    
M2483K/N X   X   X X    
M2488C X   X   X X    
M2488E X X X X X X    
M2485H X X X X        
M2483H X X X X        
M2485B X X            
M2483B X X            
M2481B X X