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StorageTek L180 Tape Library


The L180 tape library from StorageTek® provides cost-effective data protection and archiving for mid-sized, distributed, open systems environments. It is an ideal solution for consolidating manual backup operations into an automated solution. You can reduce business risk and be confident that accurate and complete backups will occur as planned, without human intervention.

Choosing the right drive technology for your specific business application is easy with the L180. The library supports a variety of drives, allowing it to be used as either a high performance data repository or long-term storage for infrequently accessed data. And the L180 supports StorageTek’s VolSafe® secure media technology to help meet your compliance needs.


The L180 supports revenue growth and customer loyalty opportunities by automating access to archive data. Customer-facing applications can have fast access to data previously stored offline.


Improve bottom-line efficiency and simplify management by consolidating several low-end tape drives and autoloaders. You’re left with an ultra-reliable, highly scalable automated backup solution that meets your ever-increasing data storage needs.

The L180 tape library reduces business and regulatory risk when used as a compliance archive. StorageTek’s VolSafe secure media meets the industry’s most stringent electronic storage requirements, including those of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

 Oracle – Sun StorageTek L180 Tape Library

Spec Summary

Capacity, native (uncompressed):

(maximum configurations 174 cartridges)

T9840B (20 GB/cart) – 3.48 TB

T9840C (40 GB/cart) – 6.96 TB

T9940B (200 GB/cart) – 34.8 TB

LTO Gen 2 (200 GB/cart) – 34.8 TB

LTO Gen 3 (400 GB/cart) – 69.6 TB

SDLT 320 (160 GB/cart) – 27.84 TB

SDLT 600 (300 GB/cart) – 52.2 TB


Number of cartridge slots:

84, 140, 174 plus six slots for diagnostic/cleaning cartridges


Number of tape drives / types:

1-6 T9840 or T9940 drives

1-10 LTO Gen 2, Gen 3, SDLT 320 and 600


Datasheet      Sun L180 L700x L1400x Tape Libraries