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Current & Legacy STK Drives in Stock!

Sunstar Company has the following StorageTek Tape Drives ready to ship. All drives come with a warranty.

We offer exchange, advance ship, repair services and more!

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StorageTek speed- and capacity-optimized tape storage drives enable robust data protection, energy efficiency, and fast data transfer. 

Current Drives

 T10000 Drives


StorageTek T10000D Tape Drive   ►8.5 TB (uncompressed) capacity – 252MB/s Data Rate

StorageTek T10000C Tape Drive   ►5.5 TB (uncompressed) capacity – 240MB/s Data Rate

LTO Drives



StorageTek LTO Tape Drives         ► (STK LTO5 and LTO6 – include conversion kit) 

 Legacy Drives

T10000 Drives 


StorageTek T10000B Tape Drive  ► 1TB (uncompressed) capacity – 120MB/s Data Rate

StorageTek T10000 Tape Drive    ► 500GB (uncompressed) capacity – 120MB/s Data Rate

LTO Drives 


StorageTek LTO Tape Drives        ► (STK LTO2, LTO3, LTO4, LTO5 – include conversion kit) 

T9840 Drives 


StorageTek T9840D Tape Drive   ►75GB (uncompressed) capacity – 30MB/s Data Rate

StorageTek T9840C Tape Drive   ►40GB (uncompressed) capacity – 30MB/s Data Rate

StorageTek T9840B Tape Drive   ►20GB (uncompressed) capacity – 10MB/s Data Rate

StorageTek T9840A Tape Drive   ►20GB (uncompressed) capacity – 10MB/s Data Rate

T9940 Drives



StorageTek T9940B Tape Drive    ►200GB (uncompressed) capacity – 30MB/s Data Rate

StorageTek T9940 Tape Drive      ►60GB (uncompressed) capacity – 10MB/s Data Rate