Sunstar Company, Inc.


StorageTek T10000 T2 tape cartridge


  • Store up to 8.5 TB of uncompressed data per standard cartridge and 1.6 TB per sport cartridge
  • Unique hub lock design and the StorageTek T10000 tape cartridge SafeGuide system
  • Minimize tape mounts and improve automation efficiency with a low cost-per-gigabyte storage medium
  • Reformat and reuse StorageTek T10000 tape cartridges with the next-generation tape

With up to 8.5 TB native capacity, the StorageTek T10000 T2 tape cartridge, for the StorageTek T10000D tape drive, stores more data in the same footprint.

For the StorageTek T10000A and T10000B tape drives, the StorageTek T10000 tape cartridge can store up to 1 TB of data to help you meet rapidly growing data storage requirements.

Ultra-high capacity makes the StorageTek T10000 and T10000 T2 tape cartridges ideal for all high-volume backup, archiving, and disaster recovery applications.

Sunstar Company has T2 media for sale. Please call (800) 663-5523 for a quote.