The IBM Magstar 3590 models B11 and E11 are rack-mounted tape drives with an Automatic Cartridge Facility (ACF). The 10 cartridge ACF allows the drives  to be used as a mini-library with access to up to 1.2TB* of data. The Magstar 3590 B11/ E11 can be converted to a B1A / E1A for use in a fully automated library system

The Magstar 3590 Tape Subsystem consists of a family of powerful integrated storage solutions that provide the highest levels of capacity, performance, and data reliability for stand alone and automated systems. Now, the Magstar 3590 Model E Tape Drive provides direct attachment to the growing number of open systems that support native Fibre Channel connection. 

The Magstar 3590 Tape Subsystem provides industry-leading performance with a native drive data rate of up to 14 MB/sec. Using the LZ1 compression algorithm, sustained data rates of up to 34 MB/sec are possible with Ultra SCSI attachment.With the native Fibre Channel connection, Magstar 3590 E Models are capable of reaching maximum instantaneous data rates of 100 MB/sec and sustained data rates of 42 MB/sec. 

Using Extended High Performance Cartridge Tape, a Magstar 3590 Model E Tape Drive with extended length support can store up to 40 GB (120 GB with 3:1 compression) on a single cartridge. A Magstar 3590 Model B can store up to 20 GB of data (60 GB with 3:1 compression) on a cartridge. The result is less tape cartridge handling, improved automation slot utilization, and a reduction in floor space requirements.Magstar 3590 metal particle tape media is housed in a cartridge with the same physical size as 3490 cartridges, enabling coexistence in an IBM Magstar 3494 Tape Library. The Magstar 3494 Tape Library with Magstar 3590 drives provides access to as much as 748 TB (with 3:1 compression). 

The Magstar 3590 Models B11 and E11 incorporate a standard 10-slot ACF for high-capacity, stand alone unattended operation. The ACF can be used in random access mode as a mini-library. Cartridges are loaded into and unloaded from the ACF in a convenient, portable 10-cartridge magazine.The Magstar 3590 also features an operator/service display showing device status, activities, error conditions, and messages.The Magstar 3590 Models E11 and E1A now provide native Fibre Channel attachment for drives used in standalone configurations, with the Magstar 3494 Tape Library, or with a StorageTek Automated Cartridge System (ACS).Fibre Channel servers can be supported at distances of up to 500 meters from the Magstar 3590 Tape Drive,or up to 10km with the IBM 2109 Switch or 2103 Hub

These 3590 tape drives are no longer manufactured. These reconditioned drives are available in a number of formats from us here at Sunstar Company.

All drives ship with warranty.

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