Sunstar Company  has a long history in Backup & Recovery. 

Our Backup, Replication & Archive solutions give customers control over their evolving business by delivering total protection, recovery and availability for data centers, remote offices, applications and data. 

We continue to help organisations protect their most valuable asset. From basic backup and recovery solutions to highly resilient data replication infrastructures, we can help deliver against any Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO), from hours to seconds. 

We currently deploy solutions around: 

Choosing the right software 

Our ability to understand and work through backup requirements allows our customers to have confidence in their data protection systems, knowing that they have a partner and a solution that they can depend upon.

Drawing our our extensive knowledge and experience we can  provides a complete strategy to manage backup, recovery and availability across diverse platforms, applications and storage devices.

Choosing the right hardware

Sunstar delivers technically innovative tape library and disk based backup systems designed to solve specific customer issues.

Our approach is an independent, consultative one. It is important for our team of account managers and storage architects to fully understand our customer’s requirements before any backup hardware solution is proposed. Our goal is always to augment and improve existing infrastructures, therefore preserving investments already made in data storage.

To learn more about backup, recovery and replication,  please contact sales at or call (800) 663-5523